Solenn Heussaff Launches Her Second Art Exhibit!

Solenn Heussaff is seriously one talented lady!

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The beautiful multi-hyphenate — an actress, model, painter, athlete, host, and entrepreneur has another feather to add to her cap as she launched her second exhibit “Kalsada” at the Provenance Art Gallery at Shangri-La Hotel, The Fort!

What’s special about this exhibit is that Solenn did this in collaboration with her three-year-old nephew Kaeden, who often makes appearances on her Instagram accounts!

According to Solenn, Kalsada depicts subjects based on everyday people that she encounters while going around the Philippines.

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Husband Nico Bolzico even posted a sweet yet hilarious tribute to his wife, with that signature #Bolz humor.

Bebe! I am so proud of you, what you created with #kalsada was incredible. You touched so many people in so many levels, your talents never stop to amaze me, when I thought I saw it all … BOOOM! You created this together with Kaeden! My big concern here is that you keep showing what a special human being you are and I am running out of jokes (my only real talent!), I am a one Trick Pony! So I will make you sign a document that lawyers call the “Divorce Prohibition Because of Couple Talent Gap”, meaning that if in a few years you realize that you are awesome and I am average, you cannot get a divorce! I hope our babies (not soon!) get everything from you, except for the humour, because we all know you try hard to be funny but it is not really happening! #solennart #wifezillart #ThePLAN #solennxkaeden#lookingfortalentstoshowandonlyjokescomeup#hashtagingisalsoatalentbytheway#captionflowgoesfromsweettofunnythatisalsoatalent#tobeabletoreadmyhashtagsisalatalent

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