Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico Write Sweet Messages for Thylane’s First Birthday

Nico Bolzico Solenn Heussaff Thylane Baby

Photo from @nicobolzico on Instagram

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico marked Thylane’s first birthday with a simple celebration at home.

Their daughter’s birthday is on January 1 or New Year’s Day.

On Instagram, the parents showed photos of the family, with Thylane enjoying a beautiful cake. Both Heussaff and Bolzico wrote sweet messages for the baby.


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Heussaff shared, “What a crazy year, but the best with you. Thank you for being my best teacher. Will keep learning from you and my love for you will never stop growing.”

She ended her post with, “Stay wild and be who you want to be. Te amo!!!!” [“I love you”]


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Meanwhile, Bolzico wrote a greeting and shared 12 promises for his daughter.

He began, “You came in a very special year where most things didn’t go as planned, but you made it the best year of our lives!”

He continued, “You are really the love of my life and here are my 12 promises to you as your dad, that that I will keep forever:”

Bolzico’s promises are:

1- I will love you unconditionally.

2- I will dedicate the first 2 hours of all my mornings to you, you can decide to spend them with me or not.

3- I will be there in all your big moments, you are the one who decides what a big moment is.

4- I will guide you to be a good person towards everyone, I will guide you by example.

5- I will respect and love your mum.

6- I will make you proud.

7- I will allow you to choose your own path in life and support it.

8- I will never lie to you.

9- I will have long meaningful conversations with you whenever you allow me to.

10- I will protect you when you need to be protected.

11- I will remind you how much your mum loves you.

12- I will try not to reject every suitor you bring home.

Bolzico ended his post with, “As you grow I will add more promises and will ask you to help me.”


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The Bolzicos welcomed 2020 with the birth of their first baby Thylane Katana. The couple did not reveal the face of the baby at first, with Heussaff saying, “Though I eventually will sometimes, I am not in a hurry and enjoying her every change. She is so precious.”

She added, “People need to remember LIFE does NOT happen on IG. Yes, it’s a great place to share things, but you don’t have to share EVERYTHING. It’s not because it didn’t happen on IG that it didn’t happen in real life. This is exactly why I don’t want her to be exposed to this type of make-believe world.”

Both Bolzico and Heussaff revealed Thylane in May 2020.

Heussaff shared a photo of the two of them, with the caption “Best days at home getting to know your pure gentle soul.”

Meanwhile, Bolzico uploaded a photo of the family, saying, ““Thylane, aka #Porota, aka #Chimichurri. I am still waiting for the DNA results to make sure she is mine… #MiniSolenn.”

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