Solenn and Nico Just Had The Sweetest and Funniest Anniversary Posts For Each Other

#CoupleGoals Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico just recently celebrated their second civil wedding anniversary apart — Solenn is in the Philippines while Nico flew home to Argentina — so naturally, the funny couple took to social media to greet each other for their special day.

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Nico posted a photo from his Argentinian wedding to Solenn, he in a blue suit and she in a white dress, with the following caption:

“Two years ago, we came out of this building after signing the most important contract of our lives! In the picture, our faces [are] still in shock, but it was the beginning of something unique! Until today I cannot believe you chose me as your partner [for] life and I promise to work every day for you not to change your mind! This is a super sweet message for the second anniversary of our civil wedding, something extremely relevant for any couple, and I know you forgot about it, but it is okay. I understand, just add one dot next to the ‘Wifezilla Owes Nico’ list; I will see what I can exchange it for! #forevermakessense #sosbolzorigins #wifezilla4lyf” 

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Meanwhile, Solenn posted a post of her own, showing her and Nico mid-embraced as they grinned under the rain, writing:

Mi amore! Two years ago today it rained on the scariest and most memorable day of our lives. You are the best partner in life i could ever ask for! Hurry and come back home so we can celebrate. Also, i dont need to add a dot on the wifezilla owes Nico list because of the time difference. Lol Te amo tanto!

Happy anniversary, Solenn and Nico!

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