5 five things I love about studying in SoFA

For those who read my post HERE know that I’m currently enrolled in SoFA‘s (School of Fashion and the Arts) Fashion Journalism class. This post is just a confirmation to When In Manila readers that I am forever grateful to study in SoFA. 

It’s actually part of my goal to study in SoFA, but I wasn’t really ready to do so because I’m still finishing my CW degree in another university. Thankfully SoFA opened a short course in Fashion Journalism. The class would only take one day of my week for a couple of months and I would be learning from the best professor. Knowing that, I grabbed the opportunity and I’m finally enrolled and studying in SoFA!

This is just a list of what I love about  SoFA. Of course there are a lot more, but these are what came to the top of my head. 🙂

  • Inspiration is everywhere. The fashion savvy student will always have a source of inspiration in  SoFA . The campus is quiet, full of designs and illustrations that will surely trigger artsy fartsy ideas to your head.

  • You get to learn from the best in the fashion industry. This is my humble and very bubbly professor in my Fashion Journalism class in SoFA. She has been in the publishing industry for quite some time now and it’s a privilege to be mentored by her.

Noteworthy facilities. Even if SoFA is just a small school it has enough resources for its students. A library, airconditioned rooms, materials and a lounge area are just some of  SoFA‘s add-ons that caught my eye. 




Classmates who are passionate about the same things you are. What separates SoFA from big universities is the fact that people are already “filtered”. Meaning, a large number of people are most likely into fashion, interior design, make-up and the like. No one will rudely stare at you because you dress way you do because people understand that you love to dress up too!



  • Perks and Connections. Since  SoFA‘s a breeding ground of known and upcoming personalities alike, you get to infiltrate the industry slowly but surely. Simply because, they share their blessings. In fact during free time of my latest class, our professor gave us beauty products. Since the next we were going to write about was a beauty review, she gave us the products to test for free! 




Fashion, beauty and anything related to it are topics that I can write about  freely and willingly. So to cap it all off, I guess what really tops my list is that I’m finally writing about what I love.







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5 five things I love about studying in SoFA   


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