SOFA Design Institute 2014 Summer Workshops – Explore Your Fashion Career Path!

SOFA Design Institute 2014 Summer Workshops – Explore Your Fashion Career Path! teenssofasummer-(1)



Summer is the time to explore your creative passions! We have a range of workshops for kids, teens, college students and professionals.



A 1-month or 20 day workshop that introduces students to the various fashion career paths in Design, Retail, Marketing and Media. Each capsule will include an immersion trip to prestigious fashion companies including a global luxury brand!

This workshop consists of 4 capsules:

Design Capsule

In this 5 day capsule, students will get an overview of what it means to be a designer and the different fields one may take, for instance RTW or MTO. Also tackled will be the design process, collection building, customer relations as well as managing an atelier . There will also be a 1 day field trip where students get to visit other designers to hear their views and stories about their career.



Retail Capsule

This immersion will help students understand how a retail brand works from store operations, sales, merchandising, customer service, client development and visual merchandising. The will have a 1 day field trip where they will be able to visit retail brands and understand how the operations run with differences especially in local and international brands. It will include an immersion into the world of Louis Vuitton Philippines.



Marketing Capsule

During the 5 day course, students will get a glimpse of what it means to be in fashion marketing. They will go over different areas of marketing such as advertising, public relations, press relations, promotions, branding and brand activities. Students will have a 1 day exposure activity to visit a fashion marketing firm to hear and witness how the company runs. Retail giant Folded and Hung has willingly opened its doors to students for this capsule.



Media Capsule

The immersion for fashion media tackles how a media agency tackles concept building and story writing. An overview of the production process will also be discussed. Students will experience first hand the life of a fashion editor as CHALK Magazine opens its doors.

Schedule: March 31 – May 2 | Monday to Friday | 1pm to 4pm (9am to 12 nn: Media Capsule only) Fee: P20,000 for all 4 capsules or P5500 per capsule



A workshop where students will have a 3 session introduction to fashion illustration and design and 16 sessions where they will learn about basic pattern making and sewing. They will learn how to measure, operate the sewing machine and create basic pieces which they can add finishing and trims to. Schedule: April 7 – May 2 | Monday to Friday | 1pm to 4pm Fee: P20,000



FASHION DESIGN FOR KIDS (8-12 years old)

This workshop is designed for Kids ages 8-12. Each activity is independent so students can decide which project they would like to join. Activities range from learning how to draw basic fashion illustrations, a brief introduction to different fabrics, accessory making, reworking old clothes, making a summer no-sew wrap around, etc.

Schedule: April 1 – May 27 | Tuesday & Thursday | 10am to 12nn

Fee: P5,500 for 5 sessions/ P10,000 for 10 sessions / P14,500 for 15 sessions / P1200 for 1 session


FASHION ARTS and CRAFTS FOR KIDS (4 to 7 years old)

This workshop for kids ages 4-7 is designed to inspire creativity . We want kids to get the feel of creating with their hands and familiarizing themselves with different mediums and materials. Some projects will be making felt bracelets, princess crowns, a felt envelope clutch, your own eco bag, etc.

Schedule: April 1 – May 27 | Tuesday & Thursday | 1pm to 2pm

Fee: P3,000 for 5 sessions / P5,500 for 10 sessions / P8,000 for 15 sessions / P750 for 1 session



Fashion Styling with Marina Benipayo

The course covers establishing a students’ fashion philosophy, identifying body types and discussing theories and facts associated with fashion styling. Mood board creation as part of visual communication, to implementation of projects will also be vital parts to sharpen the students’ skills in styling. There will be familiarization trips include mannequin styling and styling according to specific markets. Specialists in Fashion styling, brand marketing and TV/movie styling are also invited to broaden the students’ perspective of the industry. Course finals include creation of a magazine editorial, which most practicing fashion stylists specialize in.

Schedule: April 5 – May 31 | Saturdays | 9am to 12nn

Fee: P10,000


Bag Design and Production

A basic course that covers bag history, design aesthetics and prototyping. Students will learn to construct a mock-up, do patterns and assemble an actual sample. Out-of-class exposure trips are also part of the course.

Schedule: April 5 – May 31 | Saturdays | 4pm to 7pm

Fee: P10,000


Fashion Film Making

During this 8 session workshop, students will be immersed in one of the newest avenues for fashion promotion. From concept creation, to execution with topics on camera techniques and basic editing, students will be able to create their own fashion video output. A basic knowledge of how to work a DSLR is an advantage.

Schedule: May 7 – June 25 | Wednesdays | 5pm to 8pm

Fee: P10,000


Designing and Constructing Clothes

Students will learn the process of making clothes from the design until the final touches. First is mood board creation that will inspire them to come up with a collection. Next, they will touch a little on fashion illustration. They will also learn how measure and translate these numbers into their own basic pattern blocks. They will be making a circular skirt and a shift dress.

Schedule: April 5 – June 7 | Saturdays | 9am to 1pm

Fee: P14,500


Packaging Design

This 8-week course explores the field of packaging design into a wider context will be exposed to materials, techniques, and functional and experimental regulation of the industry such as safety codes and international standards and aesthetic presentation to addres the function, efficiency and comfort of the space. The pattern in interior spaces. Students will be able to develop skills in utilizing complete design schemes in the use of residential, commerical and institutional interior spaces. Schedule: May 8- June 26 | Thursday | 6:00-9:00pm Fee: P10,000 Interior Styling An 8-week course which puts emphais on furnishings, materials and course will cover a detailed understanding of the application and effect of color and design schemes in the use of residential, commerical and institutional interior spaces.

Schedule: April 4 – May 30 | Friday | 5:00-8:00pm

Fee: P10,000


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SOFA Design Institute 2014 Summer Workshops – Explore Your Fashion Career Path!