#SocksNotDead: Socks are Back and Here are Pictures to Prove Them


“Dare to be different”

That’s what most people would say if you want to stand out in the 21st century. In this basic world, you just gotta be extra. Not necessarily in the Lady Gaga kind of way (though that would be awesome too)I’m talking about upping your fashion game by adding life to your look with socks.

Socks have been long used since ancient times. It was used as a protective layer, a symbol of social status, a protection against the cold weather, and, finally, as a fashion statement. If you haven’t watched Clueless (1995 film), you would see how it adds character to their outfits.

I can’t imagine that iconic movie without their socks, to be honest.

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Clueless 2Clueless (2014) Fashion

The sock trend died down a bit as we entered a more modernized world. The vintage fashion was deemed as ‘lame’ or ‘goofy’, giving rise to the minimalist trend. However, that, too, is becoming too mainstream for people who are looking for ways to deviate themselves from the norm. They fuse old school fashion with modern fashion and, surely, this includes the use of socks again.

Whitecaps Whitecaps

From plain, solid-colored socks, it transitioned into something more popping with patterns and prints. Stripes, textures, food patternsyou name it. Basic colors are always the way to go, but you could play with colors and designs to match what your clothes and personality.

Whether you’re wearing something preppy, edgy, sporty, etc., it can definitely complete the entirety of your choice.

Whitecaps Whitecaps

So don’t be shy to wear socks. Be proud of it because socks are definitely not dead. It’s a fashion statement that people will surely notice.

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