These Socks are Too Cute to Hide in Your Shoes

Article by Christian Chagas / Photos by Sky Gavin

Sock it to Me PH socks are warm, reliable, and convenient hugs for the feet. Imagine being stuck in an air-conditioned room and you aren’t wearing socks. Lamig ‘no? They don’t just offer warmth; they also help your feet stay fresh, clean, and stylish!

What sets Sock it to Me PH apart is there wide selection of socks. For men’s crew socks, they have Caution Tape, Alien, Circuit Board (SAY WHAT!?) socks. They don’t just offer socks for men, though; they also have socks for women, toddlers, teens, and kids. Apart from that, you’ll be able to find ankle socks, crew socks, and knee-high socks.

Designed in Portland, Oregon, these fashionable socks are sure to improve your #SOTD Instagram posts. Check out some of our favorite men’s and women’s socks:


SockItToMe02 e1508772231449

Comfort, style, and wine. Complete your party aesthetic with these perfect socks. Or just lounge and binge-watch with your favorite wine wearing these socks. Ladies’ Wine Night, anyone?

Women’s Pool Party

SockItToMe03 e1508772276833

The Pool Party socks create an illusion of women swimming on your feet – so cool! Not only that, the colors of these socks go really well with monochromatic backgrounds. Just see how complementary the socks look on top of the white blanket in the photo above.

Mythical Unicorns

The red socks complement the brown tones of the shoes. It doesn’t just complete the look; it also sets you apart! Who knew unicorns could be so stylish?

Mustache & Beer

You can have fun with your buddy by wearing Mustache and Beer socks! Do you see how adorable those printed little mugs of beer are?

Llama Drama

SockItToMe01 e1508772124539

Be extra daring with knee-high socks! Look at how effortless these socks look – simple but definitely cute.

Apart from these designs, you can check all of their other options on their website. Trust me when I say that it’ll take you a loooong time to decide on a favorite pair since there are so many eye-catching socks at Sock it to Me PH. Honestly, the way to go is to probably buy all the ones you like.

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