These Socks are Must-Haves for Every Justice League Fan

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting

Who doesn’t know Justice League? I’m betting everyone on this planet knows one of the greatest squads there is! (But here’s a helpful guide in case you don’t.) We all have that Justice League hangover since the comics came alive in an action-packed movie on the big screen last November.

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Well, now, we have good news for Justice League fans, especially those who collect merchandise related to it! Knit Socks Philippines, one of the trendiest apparel brands in the Metro, brings us a Justice League collection of socks – and guess what? The league is in Chibi mode! Such cuteness!

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Who’s crazy about The Flash? How about Green Lantern? Be it Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, or even Joker – name it and Knit has it! You can collect every character available, and every pair comes in different colors, too! Feel empowered as you go through the week wearing your favorite superhero on your feet everyday.

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When it comes to comfort and style, these socks won’t let you down. Showing off your socks with ankle-length pants and with an awesome pair of shoes has been a trend this year, and this collection might just be the missing piece to cap off your OOTD.

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We’re sure you at least have someone in mind who likes the Justice League, am I right? These pairs of cuteness and high quality material are the perfect presents for your friends and family in any occasion.

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This Christmas, a pair of Joker socks can even fit your Kris Kringle category of ‘something funny’ (HAHA!) or ‘something bad’! You can never go wrong with this item as everyone wears a pair of socks sometimes.

Visit their Instagram page and you’ll also come across other designs and collections that might suit your mood for the day. An array of choices is laid out for you – designs of food like pizza, eggs, and bacon; musical icons like Bob Marley and Michael Jackson; and more!

Find Knit Socks Philippines in leading malls nationwide and also in bazaars from time to time.

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