Social Media Week Manila is Back with More Stories

Social Media is a quarry of stories. These days, anyone can publish anything online and pass it on to everyone. Stories primarily exist because they pass on information, and our society has conditioned us to listen to it so we can make informed and logical decisions; but what happens if the stories that inform us are false or misleading?

Mining for the truth is like sifting for a gold nugget in the sand. It’s somewhere there, but it’s difficult to find. Maria Ressa, Rappler’s CEO and Social Media Week Manila’s 2018 key speaker, quotes a piece of Joseph Goebbels’ wisdom. 

 “When a lie is said 10 times, Truth has a chance to catch up…but when it’s repeated a million times, it becomes the Truth – especially when it’s backed by online state-sponsored hate exploiting the fracture lines of society.” 

Admittedly, disinformation and propaganda has become rampant on social media. This was one of the many topics discussed at Social Media Week Manila last 2018 where the theme was about finding “The Missing Link” of lost human connectivity in the digital age. Speakers at the event also included a few celebrities, influencers, and international experts in the industry.

Social Media Week Manila will continue to celebrate its 2nd year here on November 11 at Estancia at Capitol Commons and on November 12 at Samsung Hall at SM Aura Premier.

social media week 2019

This 2019, we’re celebrating the local theme “Kwento Mo: Stories that Shape Us” because to the citizens of the Social Media Capital of the World–that’s us Filipinos– social media is an influential tool where we have the power to craft and share influential stories. 

Social Media Week Manila offers stimulating discussions, interviews, and activities, all touching on how to maximize social media. Join our discussions and create the ideal Filipino social narrative where we help each other to improve our social media awareness.


Listen and meet our lineup of speakers who will talk about reshaping the Filipino’s online identity into someone who is part of a better digital space where responsible stories that ignite meaningful conversations are welcomed.

Social Media Week is an international gathering of industry leaders and professionals in the fields of marketing, media, and technology. Its flagship conferences are held in New York, Los Angeles, and London; with presence in 28 other cities all over the world since its launch in 2009.

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