So There’s a Juan Luna Painting of a Kid Who Looks So Much Like Scarlet Snow

What must it feel like to walk in a museum and see a painting of a person who looks like you? How would one react when he or she realizes that the painting was made over 100 years ago? That’s what happened to Scarlet Snow at the National Art Gallery, where she saw a Juan Luna painting of his son, Andres, who looked so much like her.

Scarlet Snow, the daughter of cosmetic surgeons Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, shared the photo on Instagram, with the caption “Daddy better be ready for my next question: Who is Manong Juan Luna and how did he know what I was going to look like? #VisitTheNationalArtGallery.”

As of posting, the photo garnered more than 42,000 likes and more than 300 comments, with many noting the similarities.

The painting is called Mi Hijo Andres, and was painted in 1889 by Anton Luna, who also painted the famous Spoliarium. According to the description, the work is “an oil painting of Luna’s first-born and only son when he was three years and four months old. Andres, or Luling, as he was fondly called–was the apple of his father’s eye.”

The young Luna would grow up to be an architect, with the Crystal Arcade in Escolta considered as his masterpiece.

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