So, Elon Musk’s AI Just Defeated The World’s BEST Dota 2 Players

We’ve seen it happen in Hollywood movies: AI or artificial intelligence systems, created to improve the quality of human life, end up outsmarting the people and scheming a takeover of the human race.

DOTA 2 Philippines Asian Championship

We’re completely exaggerating, of course, but we can’t help but be both impressed and a little scared at the same time after a bot from Elon Musk’s startup, OpenAI, just defeated the world’s best players in Dota 2.

A surprise segment at Valve’s annual Dota 2 tournament saw famous player Dendi Ishutin defeated twice in a live 1-vs-1 match against the AI. According to Ishutin, the bot “feels a little like [a] human, but a little like something else.”

Pinoy fans would know of all people that Dota is a highly complex game, which requires a thorough understanding of the game, including each hero and their unique abilities, as well as an advanced level of strategy.

Professional players learned the game for years. The bot only mastered Dota in two weeks.

Elon has long spoken out about the threats of AI as a huge threat to humanity. OpenAI, meanwhile, is Elon’s non-profit to prevent this from happening.

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