SnowBing Offers More Than Just Desserts

Article by Sophia Teaño / Photos by Lisa Marie David and Eunick Nobe

The summer heat is making waves once again. If you’re one of those people looking for cool dessert options, you might want to check out SnowBing.

Snowbing SM North 6777

Their shop will greet you with colorful interiors accompanied by bubbly k-pop music.

Snowbing SM North 6779

Their shaved ice desserts will melt in your mouth as they are packed with flavor until the very last bit of shaved ice.

Snowbing SM North 6790

The bestseller is their Cheezy Mango (P168), which has a scoop of ice cream, chunks of cream cheese, mango, and crushed biscuit.

Snowbing 15

This treat’s best for those who are looking for something sweet and refreshing with a balanced light and salty flavor.

Snowbing SM North 6798

For people who have more childlike palates, Choco Brownie’s (P188) is a popular flavor amongst kids.

Snowbing 26

The dessert is what a brownie would taste like if it was translated into bingsu. Even the ice has a chocolate flavor. It is also topped with an actual brownie, almonds, and chocolate ice cream.

Snowbing SM North 6801

If you’re a green tea lover, their Matcha Green Tea bingsu (P188) won’t disappoint.

Snowbing 30

Aside from the green tea shaved ice, the dessert is also topped with green tea ice cream, atzuki beans, mochi, and green tea Kit Kat.

They also have 9 other flavors available and you can even get your bingsu to go!

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