SM North EDSA Great Northern SALE: Up to 70% Off Discounts on Big Brands


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When In Manila, and looking for a bargain, then you need to head on over to SM North EDSA for the Great Northern Sale!



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I came, I saw, I shopped!


Between the SM City Center, The Block, Annex, Interior Zone, Skygarden, Skydome and Northlink is the giantmungus mall known as SM North EDSA! And in between those walls is one of the biggest sale of the year!


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Fortunately for me, I was able to rush off to SM North EDSA right after The Wake Up Show early in the morning. I got there not far past opening of 10am. To my surprise though, there was already a long line to get into the parking lot!


It seems the signs throughout EDSA, radio ads and TV commercials about the Great Northern Sale has done its job!


Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wanted to get their savings on! I was lucky enough to have gone early to where, though crowded, it was still manageable.



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Another fortunate factor was that this sale was really worth going to!


My favorite brands from sporting goods, to shoes, to jackets to home accessories, jewelry and so much more, we all on sale!


So check out what the SAVINGS madness was all about with some pics I snapped below!



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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 035


Of course I had to start out with some cook kicks from DC Shoes!



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I’m sure the girls would have loved the sales at Roxy right next door too!



SM-North-EDSA-Sale 028 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 015


Check out the cool jacket I bought for a mere P900!!!! OMG! Seriously! P900 from 101 New York!



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And there were other crazy slashed prices for other cool stuff there as well!



SM-North-EDSA-Sale 033 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 031


Oh and did you say you wanted a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3?! Only the HOTTEST new gadget out there… well how about get it for P5,000.00 off!!!!



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Of course, being the geek that I am, I had to get some discounted books!



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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 066 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 060


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Oh and if you want to be as cool as Leighton Meester, then you need to shop at Penshoppe!



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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 087 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 090


Check out the slick backpacks and gear at Bratpack!



SM-North-EDSA-Sale 078 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 076


Of course the ladies will freak out when we tell them that Forever 21 was on sale like no other!



SM-North-EDSA-Sale 038 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 040


And look how cool this is! Even the legendary King of Comedy, Dolphy, was there to make us smile again!



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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 080 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 079


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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 084 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 083


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From Watsons to Traffic Shoes, Regatta, to Memo, to UnaRosa, to Spoofs, and Sanuk Sandals, it was all on Sale! And Guess what… Guess was on sale too!



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SM-North-EDSA-Sale 044 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 053


Jewelry, Electronics, Plus Size, even Barongs were all on Sale at SM City North EDSA!



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And coincidentally, our friends from Krispy Kreme were celebrating their 75th birthday too! Happy Birthday buddy!



SM-North-EDSA-Sale 098 SM-North-EDSA-Sale 049



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When In Manila, it was all there and it was all on SALE at the SM City North EDSA’s Great Northern Sale! Don’t miss out! Only until July 15!


More info if needed here –



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SM North EDSA Great Northern SALE: Up to 70% Off Discounts on Big Brands


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