Sledgers Shoes for Men Go High Fashion with ‘Style De Vie’

Sledgers Shoes for Men Go High Fashion with ‘Style De Vie’


When In Manila, standing out from the crowd through a fashion statement is relatively easier when you know you carry yourself and your clothes outstandingly. But when you know that you also have an impeccable pair of footwear with you, it becomes even easier to feel more confident. And for the men out there, Sledgers just opened their store at SM Megamall’s newest Fashion Hall – a place where you can get shoes for men that are utterly stylish and sweet.

Founded by Mr. John Sledgers in 1921 in France, Sledgers‘ French heritage immortalises shoes for men that are both comfortable and stylish as opposed to just one of the two. This year, Sledgers proves its ability to delve into high fashion, making its mark in an exceptional way by launching their newest stand-alone store at SM Megamall’s Fashion Hal: the Sledgers Style De Vie store. WhenInManila was there to witness its unveiling. 




Mr. Florian Rocher, Sledgers’ Export Manager, graced the opening of Style De Vie and set forth their aim to tap the high fashion audience segment with two new lines of shoes for men launching along with the store: the Elite and Casual line. Mr. Rhett Eala, one of the Philippines’ most celebrated designers, also presented a short live look book styling of Sledgers’s three lines of footwear. 


(top left to right) Rhett Eala and Mr. Florian Rocher


The live look book styling featuring the Classic, Elite and Casual footwear lines


The Three lines of Sledgers’ Shoes for Men

With so many high-achieving men with a penchant for style and comfort out there nowadays, it makes sense that Sledgers aims to be associated with comfort, style, and simple elegance through its impeccable lines of leather footwear. 

The classic line features a classic silhouette, round end, and a comfortable rubber outsole. Apart from the usual Sledgers technologies, it offers extra height to its wearer, as well.


For the elite line, the shoes higlights a pointed end, bears a wooden or rubber outsole, and is very style driven. These models are extra light, airport-friendly, offer extra height, and allow removable insoles, too.


Lastly, for Sledgers’ casual line, men can choose from a variety of designs, such as boat shoes, driving shoes, slip-ons, and weekend shoes. All of which possess flex and move, extra width, airport friendly, and removable insole technologies.



On that note, Sledgers applies distinct kinds of technologies, in general, for their shoes. Flex and Move gives comfort to the feet and allows for freedom of movement; the Extra Light feature makes use of materials imported from Italy – making shoes lighter than regular leather shoes.

I especially like  Sledgers’ move to make their footwear metal-free, guaranteeing them to be light and very Airport-Friendly. Also, Sledgers took note of men’s usually wider feet and in turn, made the shoes a little wider than usual. 

On top of that, the exemplary Shockwave Dispersion feature present in each Sledgers shoe helps distribute the impact of ever step to lessen the wear on tear on one’s feet. Plus, the insoles of Sledgers shoes are removable to prevent accumulation of bacteria. 


I recently got a pair of lace-up flats from their Elite line, the Xylose, in metallic gray, though it is also available in leather brown, black and suede gray. As previously described, this Sledgers Elite liner has a stylish pointed end, a wooden outsole, a removable ‘Soft Step’ insole, and is extra light and metal-free.

Paired with khaki pants and a long-sleeved top, I walked them along the streets of BGC, and really did feel comfortable in them. On a side note, I also felt that ‘high fashion’ vibe, which is funny since I rarely experience this type of vibe with other leather footwear (laughs). I also slightly noticed the very minimal impact with each of my steps, which is probably due to the ‘Shockwave Dispersion’ feature. 



Effortless but elegantly stylish,the shoes of Sledgers bear a signature French look that a lot of fashion-forward individuals are sure to love. So, whether you have an executive meeting, a thesis presentation, a regular party with friends, or are simply walking down the streets of the city, Sledgers can offer you their elegant and stylish shoes to suit your personal taste, may they be from Sledgers’ classic, casual or elite line.







 Check out Sledgers’ latest collection at the following stand-alone branches:

TriNoma, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Ayala Center Cebu Northwing, SM Annex Davao, SM Cebu

and at the new Style De Vie at SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall



Sledgers Shoes for Men Go High Fashion with ‘Style De Vie’

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