SKY On-Demand: Watch Your Favorite Movies and Missed Episodes Anytime You Want!

Are you a TV and movie aficionado? Well, you no longer have to depend on your laptops or phones to catch up on your favorite series or movies. Thanks to SKY On-Demand, you can directly stream your favorite shows and movies on your TV screen as you see fit

SKY On-Demand

What is SKY On-Demand?

SKY On-Demand runs on the most advanced digibox to date, harnessing SKYcable and SKYbroadband subscriptions in conjunction with the popular video streaming site, iWant TV. 

Whether you are a TV show junkie, a movie addict, a cartoon lover, a sports aficionado or a history buff; you will be able to catch up on exciting programs from SKY On-Demand‘s library come March 2015. All that you will have to do is upgrade your current SD or HD digibox to the new SKY On-Demand digibox for a one-time fee of as low as Php499. The price and the amount of available shows and channels for streaming will depend on your current cable TV plan.

SKY On-Demand

To take things up a notch further, SKY On-Demand will also come with special features, like video playback functionalities and a personal playlists. This way, you can stream anything that you want when you want it.

SKY Cable Corporation’s COO Rodrigo Montinola stresses, “SKY continues to push technology to the next level with only one objective in mind: to wow its customers.” And with this new service, they have done exactly that.

SKY On-Demand


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