Skrrt skrrt! Mimiyuuuh is now signed with this record label!

We stan talent! Ya girl Mimiyuuuh has been a familiar face and personality (and even Waze voice!) to many of us for a while now. We love her content, her personality, and everything about her that makes her unique and stand out. We love when she’s absolutely winning and support her growth and her progress as a human being. (Remember when she bought a house? My heart!)

Which is why news of her signing with O/C Record Label has us all clapping and cheering her on! O/C Records is a record label founded by Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano and his wife, actress Chynna Ortaleza. They look for artistry and talent–and Mimiyuuuh’s got all that and more! With acts like Unique Salonga and Kean himself, we’re sure that the diversity of this record label will blow everyone out of the water.

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