Skin Perfect is the Perfect Facial Salon for the Coming Holidays

Article by Christian Chagas / Photos by Sky Gavin

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Hi! I’m Christian, an intern for When In Manila. I used to have problems with my skin. Normally, guys would be viewed as individuals who have little to no regard of their skin; that was not the case for me. I was apprehensive about going out in public since I felt that I had unhealthy skin. Imagine my agony going out during my face’s breakout season. Having subpar skin absolutely affected how I viewed myself and my surroundings.

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In Skin Perfect, they offer a bunch of facial and slimming treatments for both girls and guys. I had the chance to try out one of their facial treatments: the Perfect 8 and oxy point treatment with popping Gold Mask. 

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The Perfect 8 and oxy point treatment with Gold Mask is a great treatment to revitalize your skin. The facial treatment involves 8 different processes, thus the name Perfect 8. This process involves (1) Relaxation, (2) Exfoliate, (3) Toning, (4) Detoxifying, (5) Purifying, (6) Extraction, (7) Repair, and (8) Cool Down Massage.

Here is Skin Perfect’s poster of the Perfect 8-step procedure:

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If you’ve tried getting a facial before, then you might be familiar with the excruciating process of pricking acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. What I appreciated about Skin Perfect is how they ease the pain from the extraction by using a tempered compress to tighten the pores tighten again. They even offer a back massage afterwards.

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I just want to say that their popping Gold mask was the perfect way to end the treatment. Imagine having bubbles popping on your face in the most comforting way ever – yep, that’s what it felt like!

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The mask helps improve collagen production with Nano Gold particles and fermented Rice Bran & Soya; transforms from gel to foam that oxidizes the skin, making it radiant and supple; contains Rose Extracts that help whiten and protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun; and is formulated with Perfluorocarbon that helps lift skin from the inside PERFECT FOR enhancing collagen production

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Since Skin Perfect is about the spirit of giving – they gave me newfound confidence for healthier skin! – they currently have an ongoing promo until November 30, 2017 – GET 10% off of all of their treatments and products! Saan ka pa, diba!?

Another promo that they will be releasing soon is their Christmas promo involving packages of their premier products, – perfect for gifts for loved ones, friends, family, and even for yourself (self love, ika nga).

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For the Beauty Conscious (Package 1): their Acne Clear Gel, Dalacin C Lightening Cream, Hydrosun Defense SPF 30, Acne Cleanse Soap, Alpha Exfoliating Soap, and Oatmeal Soap. Its discounted price is Php1760—save as much as Php1500!

For the Nature Lover (Package 2): their Renewing Papaya Soap, Acne Control Tea Tree Soap, Hydrosun SPF 30, Skin Nutrient Gel, Oil Free Tea-Tree Solution, and Mandarin Orange Foaming Wash. Get this for Php2255 and save Php2000.

For the Bestfriend (Package 3): their Exage White, Daily Pore Cleanser Soap, Hydrosun Defense SPF 30, Brightening PHA Cream, and Pore Refining Toner, priced at Php1750; save Php1500.

For the Adventurous/For the Barkada (Package 4): their Facial Blackening Soap, Restorative Collagen Soap, Purity Tea Tree Soap, Natural Clarity Seaweed Soap, Mandarin Orange Foaming Wash, and Intense Pure White Cream. Get the package for Php1680 and save Php1500.

Our team had a very pleasant experience with Skin Perfect.

Our time with them goes to show why the 17 years and 43 branches nationwide of Skin Perfect paved its way for Filipinos – male or female – to embrace themselves with healthier skin.

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