Sit down, Createurs got a story to tell

Humannequin is the band’s first single from their upcoming new concept album, To Tell The Tale.

The single, which is a significant part of the album’s overall story,  tells us about a murder and the mystery behind it. From exciting crime solving to goosebump-creepy revelations.  The track, along with the music video is scheduled to be released on October 31st on Spotify, Youtube, and all other streaming platforms. 

Humannequin Poster Small

Humannequin is composed and performed by Createurs featuring Hayce Atienza on additional vocals and Leizel Banci on piano.

It was produced by Alek Mangoroban at Absence Recordings in October 2020.  The single art was made by Hannah Fernando and Jestoni Santella. The music video was directed and produced by Migo Matas.

Createurs is an arts and music project that gathers and collaborates with different talented independent individuals to produce various kinds of artworks and stories with a main focus on music.

The goal is to create art and music albums that mostly tackles life topics and issues. Initially an escape from the exhausting drama and horrors of real-life and eventually gives inspiration and strength to face these problems when the time has come.

Coming from their debut album, We Exist (2019) –that used various kind of known literature monsters to discuss different life situations– Createurs is now preparing to release their sophomore album,  To Tell The Tale, that is expected to arrive in 2021.

This time, the band focused on a sole character and the societal pressures it will encounter that will lead its path onto becoming a monster.