Sister of a Special Child Puts Rude Woman in Her Place

Most people tend to judge other people the instant they see them based on their looks or their behaviour on that day and time. The thing is: we tend to forget that everyone has a story. No matter what you see or hear, you don’t really know anything about a person until you ask that person yourself. As such, the best motto to live by should be as simple as: “Be kind. Always.” After all, you don’t know what other people are going through.

Here’s a story from someone who would like to remain anonymous with that particular case in point:

“I don’t usually do this, but earlier today, I encountered a very nasty person. My brother was crying. He didn’t sound like a person making noise for the fun of it; he sounded stressed. But, instead of coming out of her room and asking what was wrong or asking if it would be possible to lower the voices down, this ghastly woman opened her door and screamed in the rudest manner “CAN YOU SHUT UP, PLEASE?” then slammed her door at us. At least she said please. Joke.

On any other day, I probably would have broken the bike placed outside their door, but I decided to do this instead. I left this by her door:

sister of autistic brother puts rude woman in place


The person you screamed “shut up” at earlier in such a rude manner was a special child. He wasn’t doing it for fun. He was crying. Next time, come out of your door and ask what the matter is. Sorry if he was disturbing you, but you didn’t have to be such a b**ch. 🙂 Hope you become a kinder, more compassionate and understanding person in 2016. xx

She adds, “It doesn’t take much to be understanding. You won’t lose any money in your pockets or get more wrinkles on your face. We won’t lose anything by asking “are you okay?” Or “is he okay?” Here’s to hoping that not all people are like her and if there are any, I hope they/you change this year.”

Let’s all strive for a kinder 2016! 🙂 What say you?

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