Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Provides Transnational Education Opportunities for Filipino Students Seeking Globally-Recognised Degrees

• A transnational education experience in Singapore enables Filipino students to pursue a global education close to home, without the need to travel halfway across the globe
• SIM provides students with the opportunity to attain degrees awarded by over 10 top universities from the US, UK, Australia and Europe with the same academic standing as those awarded onshore

19 July 2021 Singapore – Transnational Education (TNE) in Singapore is an ideal route for students who wish to pursue a prestigious degree in popular destinations such as the United States (US) or the United Kingdom (UK) without the high costs and risks associated with studying in a foreign country. The COVID-19 pandemic has made health and safety a priority for Filipino students, thus making a TNE experience in neighbouring countries with a good safety track record an attractive option.

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Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is a leading private education institution in Singapore, providing such a transnational education experience for students looking to venture out of the Philippines. SIM offers more than 80 academic courses and programmes, from diplomas to bachelor’s degrees and even master’s programmes delivered by top-ranking university partners from the US, UK, Australia and Europe. Due to its longstanding collaboration with these university partners, SIM has remained the institute of choice for many international students, with about 25% of their full-time students coming to Singapore to pursue a tertiary education away from their home country1. These statistics include students from the Philippines, who have made the move to Singapore due to its proximity to the Philippines as well as the wide range of industry-relevant course offerings at SIM.

A TNE experience with SIM prepares students for careers with a global edge as they gain employable skills through student leadership positions offered by over 70 clubs and student councils. Many students were also able to establish meaningful networks within the diverse student community. The mix of an all-rounded campus life offered by SIM with the international curriculum provided by the university partners is the winning combination that allows students to have the best of both worlds. To celebrate and reward academic excellence, SIM also provides bond-free scholarships2, which is something highly prestigious for Filipino students and has become a much-coveted title for high-achieving students.

On average, SIM GE’s annual enrolment sits at about 16,000 students, comprising of full-time, part-time, and mature students. Apart from providing students with hard skills needed to thrive in their career path of choice, SIM GE also makes it a point to sharpen students’ soft skills through several student life and career development programmes as well as networking activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along with it some reservations about studying abroad as a whole, with some being sceptical on how virtual learning may impact their overall experience of transnational education. However, online learning has proven just as crucial and beneficial to current students at SIM. Neil Macadangdang, a student currently pursuing the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) with SIM-RMIT has found his lecturers to be responsive and accessible even with online classes. Despite only having set foot once on campus in the past year, he was able to participate actively in co-curricular activities (CCAs) and is now the co-chair of the SIM-RMIT Student Staff Consultative Committee.

Benefits of TNE
The main advantage of transnational education in Singapore for Filipino students is the opportunity to pursue a globally recognised degree without having to travel across the world. Through partnerships with top-ranking universities, SIM gives international students the opportunity to receive quality education and forge strong multi-national networks, with comparatively lower costs in terms of course fees and living expenses versus in the US, UK or Europe. SIM continues to be favoured by students from countries like the Philippines, as students feel closer to home.

Cross-border Transfer of Learning
A key benefit of transnational education includes the knowledge, skills, capabilities and attributes acquired through social interactions with people from differing cultures and backgrounds. Transnational education helps nurture worldly individuals who are more adapted on a social level. This is a win-win for Filipino students who are increasingly choosing to acclimatize themselves to the local culture before proceeding to secure jobs abroad in Singapore.

Lower Chance of Experiencing Culture Shock
Singapore lives and breathes multiculturalism unlike any other city in the world, and this creates a welcoming environment and a sense of belonging that allows students from all backgrounds, including Filipinos to feel at home. The diversity in language and food are also appreciated and respected in Singapore, making it an ideal place for students who are away from their families.

One-Stop Access to Top-Ranking Universities and Courses
Filipino students looking to study abroad will be spoilt for choice as they consider a TNE in Singapore. SIM’s list of distinguished university partners includes the University at Buffalo, SUNY, which is known as the No. 1 public university in New York State (Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings 2019), the University of London which is one of the largest, most diverse universities in the UK, RMIT University with 5-Star QS ranking for excellence in higher education, and University Of Wollongong which is globally ranked as one of World’s best modern universities with top-ranking faculty for Computer Science in School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, just to name a few.

Globally Recognised Qualifications
All courses and degrees offered to Filipino students at SIM GE follow the same curriculum structure and have the same academic standards as those offered onshore in Australia, the UK, the US, etc. This means that all qualifications attained from SIM GE are recognised globally and will allow students to start a career from anywhere in the world.

The Door to Global Opportunities – TNE Webinar for Filipino Students
SIM has launched the TNE event on 24th July for Filipino students to share more about leveraging transnational education for future success. Prospective students can sign up here to find out more about the event:


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