Simple Everyday Pieces You Can Wear Up or Down!

Words and Photos by Gabi Fresnido

For fashionistas who have limited closet space AND a limited amount of money in their wallets, it is very important to know which pieces of clothing you should invest in. Besides on focusing on the style, clothing focuses on comfort and function too. There are jackets for warmth, shirts for exercising, shorts for swimming, etc.

It is wiser and cheaper to invest in those particular pieces that you can use anywhere and anytime whether you’re going for a casual look or a semi-formal one. The pieces you can re-style and use again are perfect. These are some examples of simple and everyday apparel that you can wear up or down!

1. Day Dresses

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From a picnic date to a Sunday brunch, this dress can definitely be used resourcefully. With just the right length, a dress could be something you wear to special occasions and a laid-back daily activity.

Pair it with sandals, and you have the perfect outfit to wear during a family gathering or a date. Pair it with sneakers, and you’ll be able to wear it to school, picnics, and other outdoor activities!

2. Plain Collared Blouses

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Going for a corporate outfit? A collared blouse will never fail you!  With a skirt or trousers paired with your favorite sandals or heels, this outfit would make you look good in the office.

For a more informal setting, this blouse is best paired with denim! Whether you’re going to the mall or walking your dog with style, this outfit would easily turn heads!

3. 2-Style Blouses

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Like I said earlier, apparel in the fashion industry is evolving, making the clothes more versatile and functional. Blouses such as these could be used in two ways!

When going for a more formal outfit, the ruffled sleeves make you look sophisticated and, not to mention, cute! For a more casual and laid-back appearance, off shoulder tops accentuate your shoulders and make you look more slender and as well as giving you a more fun look!

4. Button Downs


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With the right pattern and bottoms, this co-ord could definitely be adaptable. For casual wear, you can just pair it with your usual shorts or pants and voila: a perfect outfit for a sunny day at the beach or park! For semi-formal events, pair it with a skirt that flatters or accentuates the pattern in a good way. A plain skirt would definitely bring out the colors of the top!

Make sure you invest in these kinds of clothing you could keep on recycling especially with a limited shopping budget! But don’t limit yourself and be creative! With the right coordination, you can make any piece work for you!

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