Simon Cowell’s New Look After His Vegan Diet Will Leave You Confused and Surprised

The America’s Got Talent judge has recently been sporting a new look and people are taking notice. Simon Cowell’s recent photos on the red carpet have grabbed ahold of the internet’s attention and have them collectively asking: what happened to the stern face we all used to know so well from American Idol?

simon cowell vegan diet

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While it’s not necessarily that his visage has become happier per se, it has lost a bit of the hard edge that’s become trademarked. His face has become slimmer so perhaps that makes it more malleable for smiling, with his laugh lines becoming more prominent as well. And all this change is due to his new Vegan diet which left him 20 pounds lighter!

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He shares with Access Hollywood that he doesn’t follow any of the fads and instead cuts out food which is obviously bad. Cowell suggests that anyone looking to shed some pounds do the same, especially with the diet having such a positive impact on his life. “You feel better,” he said. “My memory’s better, I feel better, so I didn’t find it difficult. I can still drink beer, so I’m happy.”

What do you think of Simon Cowell’s new look?