Silka Cleans Up Boracay After Laboracay

Silka Cleans Up Boracay After Laboracay 1

Boracay is two things: a pristine island community with crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand. The natural beauty of Boracay makes it the perfect place to reconnect with nature, but lately, a party called Laboracay is increasingly getting popular, leaving behind a wake of trash all over the beach.

This year, beauty and skincare brand Silka partnered with the Municipality of Malay, Aklan and the Solid Waste Management team for #TheBeachYouLove, a cleanup drive to restore Boracay after the weekend bender. Boracay is one of the most-loved beaches for sea-lovers all over the world, and Silka has committed itself to bringing it back to its former glory.

On May 2, Miss Silka Philippines 2016 Katrina Johnson and Miss Silka Dumaguete 2016 Rufina Villanueva led 161 sea-loving volunteers to pick up trash at Stations 1, 2, and 3.

Silka Cleans Up Boracay After Laboracay 4

Together, they collected 40 sacks of trash, composed of empty bottles, plastic containers, cigarette butts, and other biodegradables.

Silka Cleans Up Boracay After Laboracay 2

The amount of trash Silka collected is not surprising, as this year’s Laboracay turnout was 70,879 tourists, a 28% increase from last year’s 55,370. Apart from the increase of people living it up in the summer, there’s also an increase in trash.

Silka’s #TheBeachYouLove aims to bring back the Boracay everyone in the world knows and loves: a gorgeous getaway for people who want to experience the best of what nature could offer. Boracay is one of its best gifts. After all, the island is consistently on “world’s best” lists.

Silka Cleans Up Boracay After Laboracay 3

To make the cleanup drive more sustainable, Silka donated rakes and brooms to the partner LGU. Here’s to hoping next year’s Laboracay will yield less trash!

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