Should You Invest in Board Games?

Whether you have been playing board games for a long time now or have just recently discovered the fun that comes with them, there are various reasons why you should look into these games beyond just a random pastime that you play every now and then. We spoke to various board game collectors and asked them about this hobby of theirs and if it is something they think other people should look into, as well.

“It depends, really.” – Vincent Haoson

Vincent Haoson is a 30-year-old blogger and game reviewer who currently has around 8 board games. He started playing in 2015 because he was into a Trading Card Game and was looking for alternatives. “Since we were playing at Neutral Grounds Philippines, we were introduced to a number of board games that they had,” he shares. “Since they looked good and offered alternatives to the game I was already playing, I wanted to get them.”

Vincent says investing in board games will really depend on the person, though. “If you have enough disposable income and have no other kinds of hobbies, then collecting board games is a great hobby to invest in,” he explains.

“Yes, for a whole lot of reasons!” – Jan Tan

Jan Tan is a 25-year-old doctor who currently owns around 25 board games. Jan shares that ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’ is what really got him addicted. “After finding out about this rich world of board gaming, I couldn’t resist,” he gushes. “Besides, some games are really just nice objects to have,” he laughs.

Jan says that there are a whole lot of reasons why people should get into board games. “It’s a tangible hobby in a world of virtual reality. It connects you to people in real life and real time. I could go on and on but I will refer you to an excellent video on why this is the Golden Age of Boardgaming and why you should get into it.”

“It depends on your income.” – Nico Valdez

Nico Valdez, a 29-year-old game designer and publisher, currently has around 25 board games, the love for tabletop games of which started with Magic: The Gathering. Nico shares that he really didn’t plan to start his collection; it just started to collect, so he needed to get a shelf. Since Nico also designs games, he says having a collection is also useful in understanding how games make people feel such poignant experiences.

Nico knows that collecting isn’t for everyone, but he does have a great suggestion for friends who love to play together. “Tabletop games are pricey so if you don’t have too much money, you can just get your favorites then play the others at a cafe. You can also collect as a barkada and just share games around.”

Nico is a tabletop game designer and publisher at Balangay Entertainment. Their latest game, ‘Darna at ang Nawaalang Bato’, involves players trying to find and obtain the Puting Bato of Darna. Watch our for our review on that game soon!

“Yes, they are great social tools.” – Martin Gabriel Arambulo Morelos

Martin Gabriel Arambulo Morelos is a 23-year-old graduate student taking up MS Mathematics at UP Diliman. He currently owns 46 boardgames, a collection he started after getting hooked on the abstract strategy game Quoridor – and, of course, after having extra money that he could spend on the hobby.

“I do think that this is a hobby collection that people should get into.” He explains, “Boardgames are great social tools, and they help when you need to disconnect from gadgets. They’re good to bring to parties, good for dates, and good for times when you have no electricity at home. They help stimulate your creativity, critical thinking, management skills, and teamwork.”

Martin is also the Founding President of UP Tabletop, a new organization in UP Diliman that aims to promote the tabletop gaming hobby and its benefits.

“Yes. It’s a nice way to get back to what really matters.” – Francis Timbol Fabie

Francis Timbol Fabie is a 28-year-old Restaurateur and Scuba Diver who currently owns more than 300 boardgames!!! The game that got him started? Dominion. “I started with around 20 and got my games up to the hundreds when we decided to offer boardgames as part of our package in my restaurant, Burger Company,” he shares.

Francis says that collecting boardgames can be really fun. Plus, it can actually get people to interact more. “In our world full of people so out of touch by being in front of our phones and computers and being online all the time, it’s a nice way to escape and get back to what really matters: talking, bonding, and having fun with your friends. Getting to know them in a different way. It’s so refreshing to see people just interact through boardgames.”

What about you? Do you collect boardgames? Which game is your favorite one so far? :) Share your stories with us!

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