Should the “no-buy, take a seat” policy also apply for coffee shops in the Philippines?

A coffee shop is definitely a good place of choice to relax, unwind, enjoy a cup of coffee, meet up with some friends, or perhaps for some cases in a tropical country like ours, to cool ourselves from the high temperature outside (admit it, you may have done it at least once because the summer heat in this country is unbearable!).

When this happens, have you ever experienced being asked to leave by a barista because you haven’t purchased anything from the said place?

Photo from Booky

Photo from Starbucks Philippines

The Guardian reports that a new Starbucks policy has been implemented in the United States that it “allows nonpaying guests to sit in cafes and use restrooms”.

Although this policy hasn’t been implemented in the Philippines, the company has stated that this would apply to “its more than 8,000 company-operated US cafes” and it could also entail different guidelines for international stores.

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With this, customers will be able to stay in stores unless they’re “behaving in a disruptive manner”. Guidelines have yet to be followed through on what the company defines as “disruptive behavior”, and how these procedures should be followed through by the management of the coffee shop.

Do you think the Philippines should implement this policy as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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