Should Cycling Be Promoted in the Philippines Now?

Quarantine has once again been extended in the Metro. With the upcoming Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), road and public transportation restrictions remain in place. Because of this, Gregorio Larrazabal, a cyclist and former commissioner of the Commission on Elections (ComElec), has spoken up about promoting cycling culture in the Philippines.

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In an interview on One News, Larrazabal spoke about the importance of developing a healthy cycling culture. Of course, he also stressed that we will need proper infrastructure in place on our roads for this to work, such as bike lanes and proper advisories on them to ensure everybody’s safety.

Additionally, he pointed out that people usually wait for hours to use the MRT, while biking can get us to our destinations much faster. Larrazabal also shared that they have been in talks with mayors all over the Philippines about this, and that they are willing to promote cycling as a means of transportation. “There’s really no choice as you cannot use many vehicles now,” he claimed.

Do you think that more people in the Philippines should use bicycles as their modes of transportation?

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