Shopping for a Greener Future

Nabudol ka nanaman ba? Join us in Budol Better: A Talk About Conscious Consumption hosted by Iya’s Happy Planet.

Budol Better is the second episode of Halikalikasan, an online event series that aims to break down topics related to the environment and sustainability. The event will be held on November 20, 2021 (Saturday) at 5:30 to 7:00pm through Zoom. Registration is free for all!

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What can I learn from this event?

Buying things is a part of our everyday lives, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and pretty much everything we use. All these purchases have an impact on the economy, the society, and the environment. Being a conscious consumer means being more aware of the impact you’re making as a consumer or shopper and trying your best to make the most positive impact possible, especially for the planet and the people affected.

Listen to our keynote speakers, Aloy Chua and Dexter Yu, co-founders of Roots Collective, as they help you better understand conscious consumption — What is it? Why does it matter? Why should you care?

Afterwards, learn more about conscious consumption by having conversations with our speakers and other participants in one of these breakout rooms:

1. “Limits to Conscious Consumption” with Skilty Labastilla (Instructor and Lecturer at Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Department of Sociology and Anthropology, respectively)

Join an interactive discussion about the roles and responsibilities of society at large in sustainable development — the government, businesses, and other institutions.

2. “Worth the Extra Buck: Supporting Local, Social, and Community-Based Enterprises” with Aloy Chua and Dexter Yu (Co-Founders of Roots Collective)

Get insights on how conscious consumption directly supports the hard work of local social entrepreneurs. 

3. “Budol Better Beginners” with Dana Ysabel Li (Co-Founder of Iya’s Happy Planet)

Take your very first steps into being a conscious consumer in a workshop-and-chikahan session!


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About Iya’s Happy Planet: Iya’s Happy Planet, or Iya for short, is an online community helping Filipinos to build more sustainable habits and to become more environmentally conscious citizens. Visit their website to read their articles about sustainable living and check out their social media pages for more information and tips.





Halikalikasan Episode 2: Budol Better is co-presented by Roots Collective, the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability (AIS), and the Online SDG Youth Action Forum (OSYAF).