Shoppers Cause Riot Over KAWS Collection Release in China

While it’s embarrassing to admit, some of us have done ridiculous stuff just to get their hands on a hyped piece of item like falling in long lines for hours in the hopes of buying one. Unfortunately, some people take it a step further like getting into a fistfight for that last piece of t-shirt on the shelf. The same thing can be said about the release of the new collection of American artist Brian Donnelly A.K.A. KAWS. His new set of t-shirts, which is in collaboration with a famous Japanese clothing brand, has received so much hype prior to the release. Unfortunately, it caused a stampede in one of the stores in China.

A video regarding the release spread like wildfire on the internet. The footage revealed very eager customers running and trying to get inside the store which wasn’t even fully open yet. It also showed what it seems like people trying to undress the mannequins to get as many shirts as they can.

The video can be seen below:

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A few people posted their reactions in the comments section of the video.

Filipino celebrity LA Aguinaldo (@la) commented:

“people gotta chill”

One person under the username @connor_rankine expressed his dismay:

“This shit is sad… could never be me over a t shirt smh”

A few people like @zoulful laughed over the video and pointed out how the people look like they were doing a “Naruto Run”


Meanwhile, some people like @kareemslick are confused as to why people are fighting over the shirts

“what exactly is the reason they’re going so crazy over this gear?”

We just can’t stop thinking about how the poor employees will fix the store after the frenzy.

What do you think about the video? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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