Shop your Summer Essentials at Soirée by Retail Lab!

In this day and age of online shopping, Instagram brands, and new labels launched every so often, it feels as if the glory days of actual, in-person, and offline shopping have been long gone and forgotten.

No longer do we see actual shopping as therapeutic, fun, and a chance to actually feel, fit, try, and touch the retail finds that had us giddy and excited enough to make a purchase.

But SOIREE by Retail Lab begs to differ. Launching for the first time this year, SOIREE is a bi-yearly shopping get-together happening on the weekend of April 27 & 28, in The Fifth at Rockwell. Now more than ever, SOIREE aims to bring back the warm, fuzzy feelings we used to have about actual shopping!

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Founded by entrepreneurs Rossana Aranaz and Claudine Baron, Retail Lab has long been in the business of bringing online, home-grown brands together to share a physical space in a mall to have an additional platform and experience a different side of retail selling. And as Retail Lab reaches its milestone 10th this year, the multi-store concept hopes to celebrate it with a bang—and with a well-curated pool of local merchants and happy shoppers, no less!

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Drop by SOIREE and have a good, relaxing time browsing through rows of clothing, bath and body necessities, wellness items, and many more. The best part is being able to try before you buy, and you can even talk to the sellers who have actually designed or created the products themselves! A lounge will also be part of the set up and refreshments will be available.

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More than its covetable repertoire of new, local, and start-up labels, SOIREE will also be hosting a variety of activities and pocket workshops to make the shopping experience even more exciting: have your sandals hand-painted on the spot with Annie & Lori, customize your bag at Viaejecito’s booth, personalize your leather accessories with calligraphy at Gira, try setting up your own essential oils bar with Pure Origins, and many more. Don’t miss it!

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SOIREE is a fashion, home & lifestyle shopping affair that brings together a community of small business owners to celebrate & support home-grown labels.

For more information, follow SOIREE on Instagram @soireebyretaillabph or visit