Shiok Shack PH: Shiokingly Good Chinese Comfort Food You’ll Love

Chinese food has always been a “family affair” for my household. During birthday celebrations, we usually go out and enjoy a good Chinese feast at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Obviously, that was put to a halt when the pandemic happened. As much as we’ve tried ordering Chinese food from various online stores since quarantine started, we never really found a place that we could say we really loved. And then we discovered Shiok Shack PH.

Shiok Shack PH Frozen Packs

Photo from Shiok Shack PH

Shiok Shack PH started during the lockdown when Alyanne Tan was suddenly separated from her boyfriend Asher to follow quarantine regulations. This was a big change for them since they used to see each other everyday. To cope, it became their love language to randomly send each food from Makati to Valenzuela and vice versa. “We both love sending each other our own best finds, specifically the best dimsum which is our couple favorite,” Aly fondly shares.

Shiok Shack PH Jumbo Siomai

Photo from Shiok Shack PH

That’s when they thought about all of the other people in the Philippines who were inevitably separated from their loved ones and were sending each other food. Aly says: “We thought: what else is best to send if not Chinese comfort food favorites like siomai, hakaw, and the like?” This is what inspired them to craft their huge, delicious, #ShiokinglyGood options – and I’m telling you: whether you’re sending them to or sharing them with your loved ones, you will really feel the love!

Shiok Shack PH Jumbo Hakaw

Photo from Shiok Shack PH

Hakaw is one of the Chinese food products our family absolutely loves and it is a must to have it on our ‘Chinese feast menu’. Unfortunately, finding good hakaw that could be delivered to our doorsteps in its own was a huge feat. Well, Shiok Shack PH’s hakaw made every single person in my family so happy, they started looking for more straight after our meal. (I also feel the need to point out that their chili garlic sauce goes exceedingly well with their products – a must-try!)

Shiok Shack PH Chili Garlic Sauce

Photo from Shiok Shack PH

Shiok Shack PH makes sure that their frozen goods reach their customers as soon as possible, and they make new batches everyday to ensure their freshness as they don’t use any preservatives. Their products are all super easy to prepare, too. Just steam the siomai or hakaw for 10 to 15 minutes, or fry the kikiam, and you can enjoy them straight away!

Shiok Shack PH Kikiam

Photo from Shiok Shack PH

To be honest, Shiok Shack PH had already been highly recommended by one of my workmates before. However, I didn’t order from them because they’re all the way in Quezon City and we live in Parañaque. Well, guess what? It turns out they actually have weekly deliveries to the South on Saturdays to minimize delivery costs. Our stomachs and hearts are so full!

Make sure to try them out yourselves and let us know what you think! Also, stay tuned to their social media accounts to get updates on their upcoming menu items!

Shiok Shack PH



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