Shelter: A house of everything beautiful!

I’m a big fan of Christmas – Yes that includes the Christmas carols! But what fascinate me more is the ornaments we use for this season. That’s why when you’re in search for a beautiful piece of ornament, a coffee-table book and other kinds of knick-knacks, you’ll find it at Shelter!



Shelter, which has opened last year and has become the metro’s premier source of the latest furniture which are elegant and distinctive as well as decors from around the world, recently launched its Vintage-themed Christmas Collection at its Jupiter Street, Makati branch.

Part of their theme is the word: BELIEVE. Which will be seen at parts of the store.



“This year, we are celebrating the elegance of Christmas in the ’50s with unique furniture and furnishings that you won’t find anywhere else in the Philippines. These are perfect for those who want something different and classy in their homes to enhance the usual Christmas decorations that they put up,” says Joey Luna, a US-based furniture retailer who partnered up with Lee Imperial, who own the well-known Furniture Direct store in Las Vegas — where most of Shelter‘s products come from — and local businessman-restaurateur Yong Nieva and interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario. 



Shelter proponents Lee Imperial and Joey Luna with the Vintage Christmas Collection at their back.



I cannot believe that it’s my first time to step foot at Shelter! Of course the interior is superb! Among the items that are showcased were a television set that is ‘50s-inspired that shows different Christmas Villages, Winter Wonderland with miniature snowmen and cars, miniature Santa Clauses and caroling stuffed toys.

Cute miniature television sets that shows the joyous season!


One of the design that shows a Christmas Village!


Another Christmas Village that is worth sharing to you dear readers!



There’s a lot of notable piece at the haven of Christmas in Jupiter Street. But what caught my attention is this pianist mice that plays Christmas carols — I think it’s also Lee Imperial’s favorite piece. 



This one plays the Christmas carols, how cute is that! 



They even have candy canes! 


Aside from Christmas-themed furniture and decorations, Shelter also is a haven for unique holiday gifts such as stylish jewelry boxes, a selection of soaps, candles and coffee table books among others. Apart from these unique pieces, Shelter also offers something for the bakers and pet-owners!



Shelter has a huge selection of aromatic candles – and when I say huge, I mean it!


Shelter also sells toiletries for men! They gave me sample products and it’s good!


Of course there would also be something for the ladies — like accessories and soaps!


Something for the bakers!


Shelter have a lot of coffee-table books that fashion enthusiasts would be interested at!



“At Shelter, our goal is to inspire and engage the senses. We aim to offer a wide range of quality home products and furniture customization that fit the customers’ particular tastes and lifestyle at different price points,” shared Luna.




For sure you’ll be happy and smile with glee when you visit Shelter!







#148 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City

#3 General De Jesus, Little Baguio, San Juan City

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Shelter: A house of everything beautiful!

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