She knew she would cause traffic, But saving the ‘Furbaby’ was her ultimate priority

One staple hassle moment motorists endure is the hopeless traffic situation in the Philippines. Although we are already used to it, it can still frustrate us in the worst way possible. Therefore, the last thing we want to happen is to get stuck in a lane because of an accident.

But for this Netizen, who saw a kitten in the middle of the street, saving the fur baby is more important than anything – even if Ahnjelah caused traffic!

According to the story shared by Ahnjelah Dominicus on Facebook, the fur baby looked terribly scared as she wandered in the middle of a busy street in Quezon City. Ahnjelah thought the kitten got hit. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and was only scared of the cars passing by.

Even though the fur baby was saved, Ahnjelah had to let her go in a safer place: “i had to let her go to a safer place as i cant bring her with me. somewhere na walang sasakyan or hindi hway and may magalaga.”

Read the full story here:

cat saved by motorist

yesterday nagmomotor ako sa busy road na talaga namang madaming sasakyan,sa quezon city. when suddenly i stopped at the middle and all cars behind me blew horn alternately.

i saw this cat, shivering and extremely scared. akala ko nga tinamaan na sya.xe nakatiklop na sa takot at kala ko naningisay. fortunately hindi. i picked her up pero ang tapang and the usual,nangalmot at kinagat ako. but i insisted. i caused traffic because i want to save her. and i didnt care kung businahan ako ng mga sasakyan. im saving some1 here. and i looked at them giving the impression that she is not just a cat na ok lang masagasaan

dahil nasa gitna kame, i had to just carry her in a manner na mabilisan before i can set aside.i had to put her inside my bag with her head out. the feeling is overwhelming altho i had to let her go to a safer place as i cant bring her with me. somewhere na walang sasakyan or hindi hway and may magalaga.

i felt relieved. god bless these animals.

Ahnjelah even ended the story with a clever #hugot line:

“…..Kung wala ka nang makapitan
Kapit ka sa akin, kapit ka sa akin
Di kita bibitawan…..”

On a serious note, what you did to the fur baby was courageous. Thank you for saving her. 🙂

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