‘Shazam!’ Isn’t Just A Superhero Movie–It’s A Lovable Family Film

If you’re going into the theater expecting a full-on superhero movie with intense fight scenes and fierce battles, better start changing your expectations. Because it’s a DC hero film, I’m pretty certain you have particularly epic expectations for Shazam!, especially with DC’s track record of dark and brooding superhero films. Well, Shazam! is not like that at all–call it the lovable black sheep of the family, if you will.

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Of course, plastering the goofy Zachary Levi’s face (a great choice for the lead role, by the way) on the movie posters as the main star of the film will give audiences quite an idea of what kind of film to expect.

I, for one, who got used to DC superhero movies being intensely dramatic, enjoyed getting tickled by Shazam! that I completely forgot that I was watching a DC film.

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Shazam! is a film based on the DC Comics about a 14-year old boy being transformed into a grown superhero every time he says the word “Shazam”. It actually starts off pretty dark, with emotional themes of rejection and family issues hitting a little bit too close to home. But it was quickly balanced out by the hilarious character of the boy trapped inside a grown man’s body that’s just as powerful as Superman.

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It was a delight seeing a pretty relatable superhero origin story that highlights the humorous realities of suddenly being turned into a superhuman in less than a night. Because honestly, how could anyone cope up with that kind of transformation with such poise and grace?


But really, Shazam! isn’t a movie solely focused on superheroes or fights scenes or a huge battle to save the world from ultimate destruction. It’s a movie about family, for families. The story of the movie is very relatable to anyone who has had troubles fitting in with their family, has experienced rejection from their own family, and to anyone who just greatly appreciates the loving family that they have.

While the effects of the movie could’ve been improved, and by the end of the fight scene, it was beginning to get a bit too cheesy and quite laughable, I found myself still enjoying the story and humor of the film. Shazam! was able to trigger very relatable emotions based on real experiences that could happen to anyone, and it’s pretty remarkable for a DC film.

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So really, Shazam! isn’t your usual epic superhero movie, but it’s got its own charm and wit that will make any moviegoer simply enjoy a hilarious film. Kudos to DC for a lovable funny film!

PS. Watch out for the cool cameos.

Catch Shazam! in theaters nationwide! Special thanks to PMCM Events Management and Resorts World Manila for the fun block screening last April 3, 2019.