Sharon Cuneta Writes Emotional Letter to Daughter KC Concepcion: ‘Come back to us’

Despite the sweet letter that KC Concepcion wrote for her mom, Sharon Cuneta, on her 54th birthday, Sharon couldn’t help but express sadness over the greeting, knowing that KC is becoming more and more distant from her as the days pass.


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Sharon let it all out in three consecutive lengthy Instagram posts addressed to her firstborn.

“My Dearest Kristina, Thank you for posting this. I would have loved it most if I could have had a tight hug and heard a “Happy Birthday, my Mama. I love you.” Or a beautiful heartfelt card like those you used to write me. Or a phone call. I even would’ve settled for a private text message. But I guess this came after my Birthday Celebration on A.S.A.P. last Sunday when I became more emotional because you, my eldest, weren’t there. I do not even have an idea where you are,” she began.

She lamented how, as a mother, she has no idea what’s been going on in her daughter’s life “for years now” and wished she “didn’t have to find out” through entertainment news or social media “at the same time as the public does.”

She also said how much her other children with Francis Pangilinan “hunger for their Big Ate’s love” and how much she, herself, yearns “for the closeness” she and KC “once had.”

She also revealed that KC showed up late during their Christmas Eve dinner but had missed the Christmas lunch, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s celebrations, as well as her own birthday bash.


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“Where were you, anak (my child)? What were you doing? Why not even a text from you? I know you are in your 30s now and are free to do what you want. But if I hadn’t even bothered calling my Mommy when she was alive to tell her where I was going or what I was doing, I know she would’ve found it unforgivable, unacceptable. Anak, huwag kang lumayo sa amin (My child, don’t distance yourself from us),” Sharon said.

“I miss you too often nowadays, it seems. Because 99% of the time I have no idea where you are, what you’re doing, and more importantly, HOW you are,” she added.

She ended her post with an outpouring of love for her firstborn daughter.

“I love you, very much. You are my eldest, my beautiful Kristina. The first to ever make me a Mommy and the first to allow me to feel all of its joys and rewards. Never mind the pain later. That’s normal. But I do miss you. I miss my baby. I miss you loving me with all your heart. I miss your presence in my life. We are your family. That will never change. I will be here, like I told you, loving you unconditionally no matter what. But allow your Mama some tears when my heart cannot hold them in any longer. Come back to me, to us.”

“Wherever you are, please take good care of yourself. And know that I pray for you every single day – sometimes a few times a day – for your protection, guidance and wisdom. And for God to embrace you whenever Mama cannot. I love you and miss you. I can’t say that enough,” she added.

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