Sharon Cuneta Just Shared Her Children’s Adorable Santa Letters

Let’s go down memory lane: As a child, one of the biggest highlights of our Christmas celebrations was creating our letters for Santa, and then leaving a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on Christmas Eve for “Santa” as he drops off our presents under the Christmas tree.

Although we’ve long figured out that Santa was just our parents all along (or our good-natured ninangs and ninongs) — which makes sense after “Santa” told me not to wish for anything too expensive — it’s a great way to get kids into the spirit of the festivities. We just found out that the Megastar’s children believe in Santa Claus after Sharon Cuneta posted the adorable letters her three youngest children Frankie, Miel, and Miguel wrote for old saint Nick.

The star also points out that Frankie, who is 16 years old, already knows the truth about Santa, but is just playing along for her siblings’ sake (and probably doing some wishful thinking on her part, as well!).

Did you believe in Santa when you were young? Let us know your thoughts!


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