Shang Tsu: Authentic & Affordable Taiwanese Cuisine Finally in Manila! Must Try Their Tofu Dishes and Fried Chicken!


When in Manila, and would like to  savor and experience authentic Taiwanese cuisine, I got really great news for you! You dont’ have to fly to Taiwan anymore because it has now landed on Philippine shores and I’m so eager to tell and show you great photos of this fabulous new find we recently discovered  along Tomas Morato in Quezon City called SHANG TSU (top kitchen)!



located at a very safe and decent place along Tomas Morato



I must admit that I really don’t know much about Taiwanese food ye,t but I’m eager to try everything and  boy was I impressed with the new dishes which was introduced to me!  This year, I’ve decided to feature more healthy and “feel good” articles for you to get a hold of that “good life” which we are all entitled to have! This, particular place I believe, is something which everyone should ought to try for the simple reason that the dishes are genuinely great and unbelievably affordable!



For this week, I also invited some of my girlfriends to share this dinner with me. I know they will appreciate this very much!  What I really like about this passion of mine is that I get to share my joys and blessings with others. If you’re one of my regular readers, you’d notice that I’m getting quite redundant with the “sharing our blessings” thingy but frankly speaking, it is really true that’s why I always mention about it. I believe that is the most rewarding part in being a food and travel writer. It’s really all about the relationships which you cherish and the new people you get to meet and co-create with along the way. I am very much happy with my day  job as a teacher but during these days, I’m at my happiest!



Ashyah, Badeth, Salve and Joane




Let me now show you the ones which you must try!!!



Black Tea with Ice Cream Float   冰淇淋紅茶     (70 php)


for only 70 pesos you get to enjoy this huge serving of authentic style Taiwanese milk tea!

Something which tea addicts must experience!




We all liked this a lot!




Sour Plum Juice  酸梅湯  (40 php) – Though I’m not really a big fan of sour drinks, we did appreciate this drink a lot because it was very refreshing and it makes you feel that you’re drinking something very healthy!



Black Tea 紅茶   (50 php) – I’m a certified tea addict so I must say this is my personal pick! It just had the right amount of sweetness in it and for only 50 pesos, you get a serving that is good for sharing! Great value for money!



they come in huge Taiwanese serving sizes!





they place it in  these decanters





Taiwanese Oyster Pancake 蚵仔煎   (100 php) – a popular Taiwanese street food of Chaozhou/Fujian origin often sold as  xiaochi in night markets. 



The dish consists of an omelet with a filling primarily composed of small oysters.




Chef Chang makes sure that the pancakes are made perfectly!




starchy thick batter with oysters, greens and fried egg




……then afterwards topped with a catchup based sauce. 

Best enjoyed while hot!





They offer an array of healthy Tofu Dishes!

These dishes are so perfect for people like me who are are trying to eat healthy! I love tofu a lot and what I find so special about these are that, though all of  them are basically tofu, they all have such unique characteristics which make each of them very interesting!




Crispy Fried Tofu  炸豆腐 70 php



Deep fried to perfection yet so soft on the inside!  An instant favorite!





Century Egg with Tofu 皮蛋豆腐 (60 php)

I’ve got all praises for this dish! Steamed firm Chinese tofu topped with dried fish flakes partnered with slices of century egg! Somebody stop me pleaaaaassseeee!!



I love the presentation! Bravo!




Combination (adobo style seaweed, eggs and tofu) 70php

– Another set of tofu and egg side dishes which will surely compliment your  meal! Super healthy! High in protein and minerals! I believe this will be great with their noodle dishes!







Combination (slices of  ultra tender boiled  beef tongue, stomach and intestines)



melts in your mouth…. waaaaaaaaahh





Homemade Fries   炸甘梅薯條 (60 php)

-At first, I kinda ignored this one because I thought it was just your typical sweet potato (kamote) fries but after tasting it, I couldn’t stop! I believe the spices which they used really kicked it up a notch!



a must try!





水餃/鍋貼 (高麗菜,韮菜,玉米,鮮蝦)

*Steamed or Fried dumplings (pechay, kutchay, corn, shrimp) 60php

I adore dumplings a lot especially the steamed ones!  I find them to be very guilt-free. The fried ones were also not greasy but more ala “gyoza” style!  I believe I can live with only eating dumplings and tofu!







Oyster Misua Soup 蚵仔麵線  (80 php)

-I would have to describe this as very light yet so filling! Perfect with dumplings I bet!!







Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup  台灣牛肉麵(冬粉)   (145 php)

 Boiling hot beef broth with fresh noodles and  thin tender beef slices!


I saw customers order this along with the oyster pancake 





The 145 peso Rice set meals 飯食類     

I highly recommend you try these super affordable set meals! They are all served in huge plates along with 3 flavorful side dishes which makes it a very interesting  meal!



Crispy Pork Chop Set Meal 香酥滷排骨

a huge piece of lean tender crispy deep fried pork chop





side dishes: sweet shredded bean curd, adobong tofu and stir fried cabbages

 WARNING: highly addictive! 






Stir Fried Beef w/ Black Pepper & Onion set meal

 spicy savory tender slices of beef with onions in peppery sauce






Fried Chicken Leg Set Meal 香酥雞腿飯 

The new addition to my list of best tasting fried chickens in the world!! 

Ultra crispy skin yet the meat remains to be very juicy! I can still remember the cracking crispy sound of the skin (music to my ears) while I slowly devour on its juicy meat. No need for any sauces etc! Perfect as it is!





Pork Humba set meal



As outstanding as the fried chicken! Pinoys will surely appreciate this because of its mouthwatering thick sweet and flavorful sauce plus tender meat chunks simmered til set I bet! This was the dish which made me break my no-rice diet! hahahaha For me though, I think I’d like the meat to be more tender but the rest of the gang said it was fine! I wanna try this again!



Voted as best dish of the night along with the fried chicken!





and so the feast began….



always thankful for the food and the people I share them with! I miss my partner Frank hat time though..I’m sure he would have enjoyed this a lot!




good thing Ashyah was there to tell us more about Chinese food




Joane loved the tofu very much as well as the century egg





Ashyah and Badeth fighting over the deliriously tasty fried chicken!





We got soooo full we had to take home the left overs.  They placed it in such cute boxes like these!




Meet the chef and the wonderful staff! Great job guys!




and last but not least, Taiwanese Master Chef Chang!

He truly deserves a standing ovation!




I woke up the next morning craving for everything! The hardest job I do perhaps is  controlling  my cravings whenever I post process my food photos the next day!  Will I come back? Surely I will soon! I’m really happy with this new find! Experiences like these make me feel so lucky to be a food writer!  Shang Tsu is for everyone who would like to enjoy authentic Taiwanese cuisine and basically for everyone who loves eating and trying out new flavors! According to my instincts, this restaurant will go a long way with its fantastic dishes and affordability! I highly recommend you bring the whole family and barkada with you! And for all you foodies who are reading this, well you ain’t a foodie if you haven’t tried Shang Tsu!



So when in Manila, discover Taiwanese cuisine and be sure to treat yourself and your loved ones to the authentically great dishes of  SHANG TSU!







Shang Tsu

Unit 5 No. 74 Creekside Square, Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City,

Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

contact # (02) 622 77 42







To view more photos and insider stuff, kindly visit EATS A DATE






Shang Tsu: Authentic & Affordable Taiwanese Cuisine Finally in Manila! Must Try Their Tofu Dishes and Fried Chicken!

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