Shake Shack Coming to the Philippines? Rumors Circulate That It Will

Shake Shack (2)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

Is it true that Shake Shack is coming to the Philippines?

For those who are not familiar with Shake Shack, it is said to be an In N Out level yummy burger place from USA’s East Coast.

We may have shared with you a prank about In N Out coming to the Philippines, but this one is no prank or an Independence Day joke. However, there hasn’t been any confirmations yet.

In N Out has made its presence felt in the country with its pop-up store so it may be likely that Shake Shack will also make an introduction in the country.

Shake Shack is modern-day burger stand that serves the delicious burgers, fries, hotdogs, frozen custard, milkshakes, beer, and more.

Shake Shack (5)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

Shake Shack (6)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

Shake Shack (4)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

At present, it has branches in international cities including London, Istanbul, Moscow, Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Kuwait City.

Rumor has it that Manila will be its next international city destination.

Allegedly, Shake Shack will be brought in the country by fast food giant Jollibee Foods Corp.

Humble Beginnings

Shake Shack (1)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

What started out as a food cart inside Madison Square Garden in 2000 has now grown as an international burger joint in many key cities in the world.

Shake Shack (3)(Image from: Shake Shack Facebook Page)

Initially serving New York-style burgers, it has grown its menu offering with hotdogs, fries, and its namesake milkshakes. Many who have tried its milkshakes say that it is some of the best in the industry. As Shake Shack continues to grow further, it added wine and beer to its beverage selection.

Personal Acquaintance

Young or old, people line up to get a burger from Shake Shack. According to its wikipedia page, “its popularity is such that in the summer at its original location, the wait in line for service can stretch to over an hour, especially on weekends when the weather is pleasant. A webcam on the restaurant’s web page shows the current line in real time.”

About two years ago, I was able to try Shake Shack located in Dubai’s Mercato Mall. It was still quite early when we arrived at the restaurant so we were fortunate that the line was not long yet at that time.

Shake Shack (7) - markedThis was lunch that day.

I got the usual, the burger and fries combo.

I may not be a big burger fan, but Shake Shack has definitely set a high bar that it is harder now for me to like other burgers.

Even if it was a couple years back, I can still remember how juicy the burger was. Really, really good.

I have yet to try In N Out, but I hear that they are on the same level.

So, you could say that we’re also excited about Shake Shack coming here. We tried messaging them through Facebook and Twitter but there hasn’t been any reply yet. We’ll keep you posted in case they respond.

Are you also excited for a bite of Shake Shack?

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