Shades and Sounds of Bangladesh


SHADES AND SOUNDS OF BANGLADESH is a Cultural Exchange Project between Benilde and the Embassy of Bangladesh in Manila, organized by Benilde’s Arts and Culture Cluster (BACC).

It includes an Exhibition that runs from September 12 to 26 curated by Alain Zedrick Camiling and the Arts Management Department, with the opening reception on Tuesday, September 12, 6:00 pm.

It is followed by the concert An Evening With Flute featuring master musicians Ustad Murtaza Kabir Murad, Swarup Hossain, Rejaul Karim, Nishat Afrose, Iftakhar Hassan, and the students of Music Production and Dance Departments.

The exhibition features a portion of Bangladesh Embassy in Manila’s growing collection of paintings and tapestries by Bengali artists. The featured award-winning artists have exhibited in Korea, Indonesia, India, Japan, Hongkong, and in the Philippines. The exhibition also includes tapestries or Nakshi Kantha, a type of embroidered quilt which is a centuries-old art tradition in Bangladesh created mostly by women.


An Evening With Flute concert invites us to experience classical and folk musical traditions of Bangladesh. Ustad Murad is a master flutist who, together with his ensemble, navigate us with their exalted rhythms and melodies from tabla, flute, and violin, through emotions of joy, the depths of devotion, the whims of nature,  and the richness of Bangladesh’s riverine culture. An especially delightful feature of this concert is the collaboration between our Benildean student musicians and dancers as they respond to select compositions with a contemporary sensibility. The atmosphere for this concert recalls the lounges of South Asian courts where music aficionados sit on carpeted floors with pillows to enjoy the music in a relaxed, informal manner, responding with spontaneous glee.

All are welcome!

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