Several Poverty Stricken Areas “Covered Up” for APEC Summit?

The APEC Summit is happening in a few days and the Philippine government is making all the necessary changes and adjustments to make sure everything goes smoothly. From the cancellation of flights to the closures of road, just to ensure the safety of the 20 other world leaders arriving here next week.

Though understandable, some citizens are not so happy with the way the government is seemingly deceiving the world leaders by “hiding” the truth about the Philippines. Other news sites have shared stories of the homeless men and women being swept out and hidden from public view.

Few days ago, Chips Guevarra shared a few photos on his Facebook page of poverty stricken areas covered with GI sheets. Chips shares that the photos were taken along Pasong tamo extension near Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio.

Covered with GI Sheets for Apec (02)

Covered with GI Sheets for Apec (01)

Our government covers up all the poverty stricken areas with GI sheets in the hopes that our foreign dignitaries visiting during the APEC summit will not see. They covered up several vulcanizing shops, junk shops and refrigerator repair shops”


If the government really did this just to cover areas that aren’t “visually pleasing”, we hope that they could’ve done something more permanent such as beautifying the place instead of just covering it up.

What do you guys think of this?