Seventeen o’ nine: This Rentable kitchen lets you cook and host awesome parties

Words By: Carinna Reyes/ Photography By: Caitlin Rodil

Let’s face it—hosting parties is one of the great struggles of adulting. There are so many things you must take care of and, of course, no matter how meticulously you prepare for it, something is bound to go wrong.

I mean, it’s hard enough to decide what you’re going to eat for lunch break, what more of what all your loved ones would want to eat for the whole afternoon?

Worry not, however, as that is where the ingenuity of Seventeen o’ nine comes in. With their complete cooking equipment and their comfy space, now all you need to do is bring the ingredients, and anyone can cook what they would like to eat.

seventeen o nine 4

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Seventeen o’ nine is a micro-events venue located in Chino Roces Avenue, Makati. Its best feature is its two working kitchens complete with a beer dispenser, two ovens, and a refrigerator. With its pristine yet cozy interior, it is the perfect place for holding mini get-togethers, private gatherings, or even just cooking with friends. Not only will they clean up after you, they can also cater for your food if you’re not up for the challenge of cooking.

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This place can also be aptly described as a blank canvas, as any type of event is welcome to be hosted here. Art exhibits, private dates, and even a bachelorette party were once held here! To help the ladies celebrate to the fullest, they were supplied with unlimited gin and tonic by Seventeen o’ nine throughout the whole evening.

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Without a doubt, Seventeen o’ nine is one of the easiest places to chill and still have fun with your loved ones. Just make sure to bring the ingredients, and your good to go. Now, what type of event would you like to hold in this rentable kitchen?

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Seventeen o’ Nine 

La Fuerza Compound, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati

Contact No. 0917 540 5611