SevenTea’s Milk Tea is Made with Love – Here are Our Favorite Flavors

Nowadays, most milk tea shops sell their drinks in cups. Some take extra measures by sealing their drinks before putting on the lids. As a slightly clumsy person, I can recount times when I’ve accidentally knocked over my drink, completely spilling all of its precious contents. Believe me, I tried buying bottled milk tea from convenience stores before; but I feel like bottled milk tea has this strange plastic and watered-down aftertaste. Good thing I came across the online shop SevenTea while scrolling through my social media feed.

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SevenTea is literally a product of love, hence the name! The owners – Dandrei Enriquez, a software developer, and Inri Bautista, an events coordinator and planner – met in a Catholic community where they both serve the Lord. They were inspired by each other’s stories and testimonies and eventually became a couple. Both had desires of starting their own business and after finding out their common endearment for milk tea, they put their ideas and their love for God together and SevenTea was born!

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When asked about the meaning and idea behind the name of their brand, love was once again the answer. Seven, in the bible, represents Perfection. Being exposed to the Christian community, Dandrei and Inri are strong believers of faith, hope, and love; and they wanted to share this with their customers. As such, they provide products and services perfected by love.

SevenTea started on February 6, 2018 as a small part-time business selling milk tea to close families and friends. After years of referrals, feedback, and adjustments; SevenTea decided to offer their products to a bigger market through online ordering, deliveries, bazaars, and events. Finally, after almost two years of hard work, Dandrei and Inri officially registered SevenTea: Taste the Love on January 31, 2020.

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Now let’s get to the tea! Unlike the bottled milk teas you can get from convenience stores, SevenTea’s drinks do not taste watery at all! Plus, each bottle is freshly made with premium and high-grade ingredients, but at affordable prices. They currently have six varieties of bottled drinks: Milk Tea, Salty Cream Series, Fruit Tea, Fresh Tea, and Yakult Mixed Series.

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They use Assam black tea base for their milk tea. One thing to note about their milk tea series is that they’re creamy, but you can still taste the tea. They use Floral Jasmine Tea for their Fruit Teas and include fruit jelly bits for you to munch on.

It was hard for me to choose my ultimate favorite SevenTea drink because I truly loved each one so much, but here are my top five flavors:

Banana Milktea

SevenTea 6

The banana milk tea is the underdog in this list! It’s an unusual flavor for milk tea, but still stole the spotlight. It’s milky, and the banana flavor does not overpower the back tea base.

Salty Cream Chocolate Milktea

SevenTea 5

This is perhaps one of the best chocolate drinks I’ve ever had. You’ll definitely feel nostalgic, especially if you were a fan of the chocolate tetra pack drinks most of us have come to love. The mouthwatering salty cream evens out the sweetness of the chocolate to balance out the whole drink.

Green Apple Yakult

SevenTea 8

The Green Apple Yakult drink is reminiscent of the well-known probiotic drink called Chamyto from our childhood. It’s tangy, and you can really taste the green apple flavor.

Passion Fruit Tea

SevenTea 10

I added SevenTea’s Passion Fruit Tea to this list because it has a fuller flavor. The tangy passion fruit taste we’ve come to know perfectly blends with the floral taste of jasmine tea.

Wintermelon Pearl Milktea

SevenTea 7

You can never go wrong with the classic wintermelon flavor! If you don’t know what to get, SevenTea’s Wintermelon Pearl Milktea should be your go-to drink.

BTW, the love doesn’t stop there. Let me just add that Dandrei and Inri donate 10% of their total sales to a chosen beneficiary. It can range from a donation to a big foundation to as simple as sharing food on the streets of Metro Manila. SevenTea is certainly a brand that is overflowing with love and kindness. My heart was truly filled with happiness upon learning this kind gesture of the wonderful owners.

We need all the love we can getm especially during these trying times. Thank you, SevenTea, for sharing and spreading the love through your drinks.

SevenTea: Taste the Love


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