Seungri in Manila Awakened the Inner K-Pop Fangirl in Me

I’ve been a fan of the K-Pop group Big Bang since 2009, and finding out that my bias in Big Bang would be having a show here in the Philippines made me super excited because I wasn’t able to go to his last one.

I’ve been a fan of Big Bang since 2009; other favorites include Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. My first biases in Big Bang were G-Dragon and TOP, but there’s something about Seungri that really captured my heart.

I first saw Big Bang last 2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Their Big Bang’s Alive Concert Tour became my stress reliever during my last year in high school. The second time I saw them was during their Made Tour in Manila last July 2015. The thought of Seungri coming back  really awakened the inner K-Pop fangirl in me, especially since I’m on break at the moment.



Dj’s Glory and TPA came out first as a pre-game for those people in the club waiting for Seungri. As these two DJ’s played their mixes, the crowd got hyped up for Seungri’s turn. They made sure that the crowd was warmed up enough for Seungri’s set afterwards.

Glory and TPA-6

Finally, the long wait was over — I was able to see my bias in Big Bang. My Panda, Lee Seung-Hyun, popularly known as Seungri, gave us a Bang in his performance.

My heart raced as the lights turned out and a mix of Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby was played. That was the cue for Seungri to go up the stage and start the party. Finally, after three years, this night happened for me. Y’all feel me fam!!



Seungri never fails to amaze me. The whole crowed enjoyed the mixes and the songs that Seungri and DJs Glory and TPA prepared for this night. I wanted to cry because that was the first time that I saw Seungri’s other side, of him being a DJ, aside for us knowing him as a K-Pop idol.


My favorite part was, of course, Seungri’s interaction with the crowd and also when he said the words “Mahal Kita”. That made me the whole crowd feel his love. I don’t think it was just me, either, but I think that the crowd’s favorite was also the last song Seungri and DJs Glory and TPA played, “Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby”. The crowd went wild and danced the night away.




During his set, Seungri mentioned his upcoming solo album and talked about his plans of coming back soon for a solo concert. So, Filipino VIPs, especially those who stan Seungri, better start saving your money as soon as now so you won’t miss it.

All in all, their sets ensured that we would keep thinking about Seungri all month long. They also won over the audience’s hearts through their songs and crazy mixes. Audiences coming from the Philippines, the Filipino VIPs (Big Bang fans) and other nationalities such as Chinese, Korean, American and etc. united on this one crazy night.


I love and appreciate how Seungri, together with Glory, TPA and his crew were able to give thanks to everyone after their sets and were able to interact with the people. They even had photo opportunities with them.

Me and the fans enjoyed the night. We celebrated with the Filipino VIPs and other nationalities and this is definitely one for the books. I honestly can’t wait for Seungri’s Solo Concert here in the Philippines. Please come back soon, oppa!


Special thanks to Okada Manila, Cove Manila, and Gen Korean Bbq House for making this event possible.

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