Self Storage in Manila: Mini Storage Warehouse Industry EXPLODES in the Philippines with SafeHouse

 Self Storage in Manila: Mini Storage Warehouse Industry EXPLODES in the Philippines with SafeHouse




The Self Storage or Warehousing market has exploded in the Philippines!

Reports indicate that the Self Storage (also known as Mini Storage) Industry in the United States made over 12 Billion Dollars in 2013. It seems that people are getting more and more stuff, and loving it all too much to let it go!

On the other hand, here in the Philippines, the first and biggest self storage warehouse facility actually started by accident.

Brothers Mark and Carlo Coronel were helping out their mom store her office files. She apparently had way too much and needed extra space to store all the excess documents and materials. This is where the brothers came up with the idea to cut their bigger warehouses into smaller sections and rent out the mini storage spaces.

“We found that the demand was definitely there for self storage in the Philippines,” said Carlo Coronel.

Apparently, there are a lot of Filipinos who have needed the self storage service in Manila but just did not have any options. SafeHouse Self Storage’s clients vary, from OFW’s leaving behind some stuff, to condo owners renting out their places but needed somewhere to keep excess furniture that tenants did not want. The self storage warehouses of SafeHouse mostly holds a lot of office clients, like their mom, who needs extra space to store all those office extras like files, documents, paperwork and supplies.




If you are not familiar with the Self Storage or Mini Storage concept, it is a shorter term for “self-service storage” where individuals or companies are able to lease storage spaces to store items of their choice. The rented spaces are usually secured by the tenant’s own key and lock, but in many cases for the good quality storage units, they also provide CCTV camera systems for added security.


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The storage spaces range from that of smaller ones that are like closets and can fit around 8 balikbayan boxes, all the way to larger rooms that can fit over 120 Balikbayan boxes. Of course, you can store whatever you want in there whether or not they are in a box. But was just stating the sizes to give you a rough estimate.



Left photo of the smallest self storage units that fit 8 Balikbayan boxes. Right photo is of a 25cbm self storage unit


Below are also the affordable prices for Self Storage Spaces in Manila



SafeHouse Self Storage and Moving can store your items for one month intervals and is both safe and convenient. They have three branches in Taguig City, Metro Mania that feature storage units ranging from 25-cbm to 90-cbm storage units. They are also the first to provide a roll-up door for each unit to ensure optimum security and privacy for every tenant. Roving security guards man the well-lit compound ‘round the clock and the building is equipped with an elevator to make it easier for you to load and unload your items. Most importantly, Safehouse Storage units come at an affordable price, and they do not charge tenants for every cubic meter they use. No matter how bulky or compact your items are, they’ve definitely got a solution for you!




When In Manila and looking for some extra storage for your furniture, office files or other stuff, then check out SafeHouse Self Storage and Mini Warehouse in Taguig!




Safehouse Storage Facility Philippines

4th flr VFP 1 Bldg. Veterans Center, Taguig City.

Mobile: +63 917 815 SAFE (7233)  or +63 917 714 SAFE (7233)

Landline: +632 6222181 or +632 9660856

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Self Storage in Manila: Mini Storage Warehouse Industry EXPLODES in the Philippines with SafeHouse

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