Selena Gomez Just Liked The Weeknd’s Instagram Post And Fans Are Losing It

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Selena Gomez’ love life, then you’ll realize that it’s super exhilarating, especially since one report keeps coming out after another. After sending fans into a frenzy by confirming that yes, Selena and Justin are back together, Selena is keeping her fans on their toes after it was revealed that she liked The Weeknd’s Instagram post!

This is interesting considering that The Weeknd unfollowed Selena and her friends and family on the social networking app — and that their breakup is still pretty fresh. Things can get pretty rough and complicated especially when the split is just recent, but it’s good to see that she and The Weeknd can support one another.

While this could be an innocuous sign of goodwill towards each other, fans have taken this to mean drama early on in the throes of a Jelena reunion!

As for us, we’d like to believe that this is just one of those amicable, healthy relationships between exes.

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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