See the surprise ‘Yakap’ these hardworking netizens received right when they needed it!

Written by Keith Carandang and Sky Gavin

Everyone’s lifestyle right now is so fast-paced that we disregard the way we feel because we’re too busy.  Even if we’re already feeling a little bit under the weather, we continue to work to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We sometimes even feel guilty taking a day off.

As we strive to provide for the family and continue to be productive, we cannot afford to be bogged down by colds which is very rampant now that it’s the rainy season already. Hardworking netizens flood social media to express their feelings:

They shared how colds can be a hindrance at work.

Even mommy duties can also get hampered by colds.

Little did they know that a surprise is coming to make them feel better! A ‘Yakap’ Delivery is to the rescue!

The Yakap package included a limited edition tumbler that they can bring anywhere, Neozep Non-Drowsy, Neozep Forte and a cute get well soon note to remind them to take Neozep every 6 hours. Both variants are included in the package so they can take Neozep Non-Drowsy at work for that no antok ginhawa sa sipon and Neozep Forte that they can take at home for a more restful sleep.

The Yakap Deliveries did not only make make netizens from Manila happy but also surprised our fellow Filipinos in provinces who are not feeling well.

Yakap Delivery recipient while at work was Krizzia Santos. Though the frigid air conditioning is a godsend for the heat here in Manila, it can be very difficult for those who have colds. Luckily, she received a Yakap Delivery with Neozep Non-Drowsy that will help her focus on the tasks she needs to finish for work.

Krizzia Santos


Carlo Tac-an, was actually in the middle of reviewing for his board exams when Neozep delivered a Yakap Package to his house. He thought he’d get better with a little bit of rest but good thing Neozep’s Yakap Package now has him colds-free so he can focus on his boards.


From Bulacan, Netizen Abigail Paredes expressed her excitement when she got the ‘Yakap’ Delivery. She said she was resting and trying to recover from colds and fever when the package arrived.

Hardworking Netizens get a surprise “Yakap” right when they needed and they can’t get over it!

Ernest John Ulep from Davao shared his surprise when he received a package while he was studying for an exam. He said he felt better after drinking Neozep Non-Drowsy, his stuffy nose and sleepiness disappeared and he can now study properly.
Hardworking Netizens get a surprise “Yakap” right when they needed and they can’t get over it!

When In Manila interviewed Neozep and asked about their surprise yakap deliveries. They shared that they already delivered over 100 Yakap Packages all over the Philippines! They started the first Yakap Delivery with Alden Richards to his talent team member and long-time friend Tenten Mendoza which he fondly calls Mama Ten.”  Watch here!

It’s heart-warming how Neozep is bringing much needed “yakap” to colds sufferers all over the country. Sometimes all you really do need is a hug to get you through the day. Whether it be medicine or a real Yakap from a loved one. 🙂

Now that it’s officially sipon season, time to get the same yakap as these hard-working netizens or give a yakap package to your loved ones! This Neozep Yakap Package will be available online soon. Like Neozep on Facebook and visit for more updates and surprises!