Second UST UNESCO Club Convention to Tackle Solutions for Marawi War Victims

UST UNESCO Club will hold its second convention with a theme concentrating on the victims of the Marawi Siege – how it brought fear to its citizens, how it created such a huge impact to the Philippines and how to solve such problems by creating advocacies.

After months of grueling battle, exchange of bombs and bullets that ravaged the whole city of Marawi, its citizens are left with rubbles and a shattered hope.

Despite the government declaring the liberation of the city on October 17 as troops had killed the leaders of terrorist group Maute, the big dilemma still stands: the rehabilitation of Marawi.

Complex problems were faced by evacuee residents of the city. Trauma, food, shelter, and long-lasting peace were main concerns. What could their future hold for them?

The government rehabilitation operation has ensued; we, the youth, have the capability to provide communicable solutions to contribute to regaining the former splendor of the city.

In this light, the UST UNESCO Club Convention 2017 will center on the theme of ‘establishing peace and development through communicable actions for the victims of war in the Philippines.’ This would give an avenue for delegates to discuss the Marawi siege issue and formulate solutions in rebuilding the city.

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