Seawadeeka: Enjoy Milk Tea by the Beach

The milk tea craze isn’t about to fade anytime soon. With the constant innovation of food entrepreneurs from popping bobbas to brown sugar, people are craving for it now more than ever. It honestly just keeps on getting better, so much so that milk tea lovers are willing to queue in long lines and wait for a whopping hour or two just to get their milk tea fix. If you’re one of these people, you might want to drive to La Union and try the Thai Milk Tea at Seawadeeka!

Seawadeeka La Union 9

(L-R) Milo Dinosaur | P85; Thai Iced Tea | P95; Kopi C | P85

If you think you can only find milk tea in the Metro, you guessed wrong! Seawadeeka, an eatery of its own kind in La Union, offers this heavenly Thai Iced Tea for only Php95! Imagine gulping down this ice cold sweet drink on a hot, sunny day — not only will it quench your thirst; it’ll also make your beach trip all the more worth it.

Seawadeeka La Union 2

Since it’s served in a tall and wide glass, you can actually share it with someone. This would be a good alternative if you tend to get bloated easily (though if you love milk tea, you can also finish it yourself)!

Seawadeeka La Union 7

Don’t forget to pair it with some items from their menu, as well. Seawadeeka is special in La Union because they’re one of the few food joints that serve a mix of Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Vietnamese cuisine.

Seawadeeka La Union 1

Satay | P170-180

Their satay is a must-try. This Indonesian specialty is similar to our BBQ on a stick. It has three variants: pork, chicken, and chicken sambal. It’s served with a peanut sauce that goes extremely well with the well-seasoned meat.

Seawadeeka La Union 6

Pad Thai | P175-180

Do you like noodles? They’ve got Pad Thai, too. This famous Thai street food is sweet and spicy and you can choose from pork, chicken, and shrimp as the main topping.

Seawadeeka La Union 8

Laksa Lemak | P190

If you prefer a soup-based noodle dish, order the Malaysian/Singaporean staple Laksa Lemak. It’s perfect for seafood lovers and has an ample amount of shrimp and a burning yet enticing curry broth that will leave you wanting more.

Seawadeeka La Union 3

Chicken Pandan | P140

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Seawadeeka’s Chicken Pandan served with Turmeric Rice is a good choice for anyone. Its crispy skin and tender meat will allow you to enjoy your dining experience to the fullest. You’ll wish all fried chicken was like this one!

Fun fact: although Seawadeeka has a permanent place of their own, they also do pop-ups with their truck. Look at how cute their vehicle is roaming around!

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Craving milk tea at the beach? Make it a point to drop by Seawadeeka whenever you’re around the area.


215 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union


Instagram: @seawadeeka