This Is the Dialogue That Made Janella Salvador “Fall in Love” With Her Character Valentina

Now that the much-awaited “Darna: The TV Series” finally premiered this week, a lot of fans have been expressing their love for Janella Salvador’s villainous character Valentina—from the way she looks to the way her character is written in the show. Even Janella has become a huge fan of her own character, revealing to all the specific part of the script from the episode “First Darna” that convinced her that this was her dream role.

janella salvador valentina regina darna

In a tweet, Janella shared screenshots of the script wherein Valentina/Regina boldly expressed her ire toward corrupt politicians and law enforcers while questioning the Mayor about her morals.

“The first scene we worked on when they had me read for the role of Regina. How can I not fall in love with her character?” she wrote. “Hope you enjoyed tonight’s ep.”

A lot of Filipino netizens jumped into the replies to commend her character for not being a one-dimensional villain, but one that is fierce, socially and politically aware, and an activist.

“A woke villain. We’re gonna root for the bad girl this time,” said a fan.

“I love how your character sheds light on political issues that needs to be addressed in our country. Literal na may PANGIL yung character mo and I’m living for it!!!!! Kudos to the Darna team!” said another.

“I love your character. I love Regina. And on how you deliver her so well. The lines are so powerful. You deserve this,” wrote another.

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