SCOUT House of Horrors 2019: a Halloween party in the best possible place

This year marks the fifth anniversary of SCOUT, a magazine for the youth, by the youth. To make this milestone extra memorable, the team decided to throw a Halloween party in the best possible place: an actual haunted house (or so it was believed to be one.)

The Halloween party is set to take place at the ICK HERITAGE HOUSE, a house that’s mostly been used as a location for horror films because of its eerie vibe. And if your memory serves you right, you’d know that the romantic film “Starting Over Again” starring Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual filmed their movie there. But there’s more to this house than just your typical film location.

Just like its other neighboring antiquated structures, this house has so many stories to tell as it has been around for almost nine decades. During WWII, the Ick Heritage House served as a home and meeting spot for the Japanese and American soldiers––after defeating the Japanese troops of course. It has witnessed so much history since the 1930s, but it gets more interesting from here.

We know a story or two about locations in the Philippines with extraordinary sightings after the second World War. And this year’s venue is no stranger to this. Apparently, there is an Acacia tree (which you might look out for) outside the house, and rumor has it that that tree serves as a home for guests from the other dimension as fireflies gather around the tree on extra spooky nights.

Fear not as Scout is toning down the chills with their awesome lineup of activities: games (with prizes at stake), performances (IV of Spades and other awesome acts will be there to party too), and a whole lot more. So, if you haven’t figured out your plans for Halloween yet, you might want to consider going to Scout’s fifth anniversary happening on Oct. 30 at the Ick Heritage House in Sta. Ana, Manila.

PS. Come in your BEST Halloween costume––human guests would want to impress some guests from the other side, right?

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