Score Some Hoops And Good Eats At Scoop Shots Sports Ice Cream Bar

Being a diner located in front of a university and surrounded by other schools, Scoop Shots Sports Ice Cream Bar also has rice meals and dishes good enough to fill a student’s empty tummy and hungry appetite. 

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A crowd favorite would have to be their plate of ribs with rice and a side of Spinach cream sauce. For a plate under 200 Pesos, this is without a doubt a pretty decent plate of sweet barbecue ribs. The meat’s tender and generously lathered with the sauce, the cream is a commendable side dish for the protein and the rice is, well… the perfect way to complete any meal.


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My personal favorite is their Salpicao dish. The siningag rice topped with the tasty, tasty salpicao is something I would want to devour any time of the day. I can’t even describe further,  you just have to try it. 


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Every kid’s choice is fried chicken and rice, and this restaurant has nailed the taste of that too. I guess it’s because most of the dishes underwent a trial-and-error process, constantly checking if the taste is up to par with their standards. I guess they have mastered  the “homemade” taste every Filipino craves for.  


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A second personal favorite of mine is this bowl of Spaghetti with Meatballs. The meatballs were big and it has a mystery ingredient that I can’t figure out but it makes everything extra savoury. This is a must-try when you’re in the place. 



Save the best for last! Click the last page for dessert. 


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